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The Party

En 18 år gammel gutt med lysende fremtid drar på en fest med vennen fra fotballaget. Det ender i en tragedie med en litt uventet slutt.

Skrevet i 10. klasse.

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«Bzzz bzzz» It was the alarm on Ricks phone. The clock was 07:00 PM and it was the first day of summer vacation. Rick had forgotten to turn his alarm off, and now he’d got the perfect start to what was going to be the best summer. The sunrise was almost over and the sharp morning sunlight was shining through the bedroom window, so you could see all the dustgrains in the air. The only sound in Ricks apartment came from outside his window, where the birds were singing. He couldn’t fall asleep again, so he got out of bed to get as much out of the day as possible.


Rick is an eighteen year old student who lives in a small town in Sweden. He is from Norway, but he has moved to Sweden to study in a private soccer school. Rick is going to stay the first half of the summer in Sweden, because he had got himself a summer job on a storage. Rick is a tall boy, he is summer tan, he always wear expensive clothes and shoes. He looks pretty good, and he is a fantastic soccer player. It seems like he has a bright future.


This was the first day of the summer vacation, and Rick was going to celebrate it with the guys from the soccer team. So Rick went out early to buy some beer to the party. He bought 3 boxes with beer, with 24 cans in each box. This was going to be a wild night, or at least supposed to.


The night came and the party started at the soccerteams own ”partyhouse”. The partyhouse was an abandoned farm far away from the civilization. They wanted to stick to themselves and party alone because some of them were’nt allowed to drink. The farm had been abandoned for the last twenty years. It looked like the time had just stopped. It was old coffee in the cup, the keys were still in two of the old tractors and all the doors were open. It’s like the time has been standing still for many years, and the people who lived there had just disappeared and left all they got behind. It was many myths about what had really happened at the farm, but none of them had been proved. None of those who lived when the farm was in use, have never talked about it. That was something that trigged the curious teens, so they planned the party to be there so they could check out the old farm.


The party had been going for a few hours and everyone was really drunk. Then John, one of Ricks teammates, had a drug he wanted to try. Rick didn’t really want to take the drug, but he wouldn’t be a party pooper. He was also told that he was the only one at the party that hadn’t been taking the drug. So he took it. Something he shouldn’t have done. It was the well known bathsalt. Rick didn’t noticed any effect of the drug he had taken after about twenty minutes, then he started to see hallucinations. In the beginning, he just saw small ones. Like stars everywhere, a pig riding a horse up in the sky and stuff like that. But when the drug really started to work he saw small spiders crawling all over his own body. He started to hit himself to get them off. His friends didn’t understand what was happening and they tried to help him and save Rick from hurting himself. When his friends came to help him, all he saw was big spiders coming against him to attack him. He took an old axe from one of the toolboxes in the garden, and started to hit the big spiders, to kill them. More friends came to stop him, but he tried to kill them too. It was a bloodbath. He was unstoppable. His friends had never seen him like this before. Rick had killed five of his best friends, and he was after the two boys he hadn’t got the chance to kill, yet. He killed the whole soccerteam, one by one. After 30 minutes he began to feel normal again, he was lying on the ground, with blood everywhere and thinking where the hell it came from. He looked around and saw dead bodies. He screamed, didn’t know what to do. He had to hide the bodies, no one could find out about this, so he brought every single one of them home to his own apartment and cut them up to pieces and grilled some of them on the barbecue and hid the rest in the freezer.


One day he invited his family over for dinner, it was a sunny and really nice sunday. Suddenly he got a phonecall from the police, they told him that all of his friends were missing and wondered if he had seen them. He told them he hadn’t but told them to look at the old, mysterious farm where it had happend some crazy things. They called him back a few hours later and told him that they had found alot of blood but no bodies or clues, so they had to give up, but they assumed that his teammates were dead. No one ever went to that farm again

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