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Du er her: Skole > A letter from a slave to a plantation owner

A letter from a slave to a plantation owner

Et brev skrevet av en slave til en plantasjeeier.

Skrevet i 9. klasse.

Lastet opp

South Beach Concord

39 Rosewood Boulevard

North Beach


Candiez 29034




Dear Sir


I am writing to you because of the action that you are responsible for. You, taking me and my family away from our country wasn’t fear at all, but we came with you all this way because you forced us, and threaten you would hurt our family. I couldn’t let you do that so I agreed to come with you. We went with no food for weeks, no water for days and no air for weeks. I convinced myself it was worth it as long I could be with my family.


Yesterday one of your men came to us while we worked and took my daughter, son and wife away. He said you had decided to sell them to another plantation owner because you didn’t needed them anymore. Well, have you ever thought about if I needed them, my family? That I couldn’t work without them, couldn’t live without them. Not did we have to live in terrible surroundings for months, we also had to work our asses off every single day. And after all that input of labour you thought it was okay to split us up, and tear us apart like that.


The thought of not knowing where they are or what they have to do is killing me. I have got a few papers from the guard that is watching us while we’re working the other day, because I wanted to write them a letter. But it’s kind of hard to send it when I don’t know where to send it.


I believe you don’t have a family, or someone you love. Because I don’t think it’s possible to be so cruel to someone if you know how to love, because it’s obvious that you don’t have compassion for any other then yourself.


Okay, I’m black. So what? Does that make me less worth than anyone all’s? I believe God made every single person for a reason, not for people like you to treat us like rubbish. To judge people just for their looks, is to misjudge someone. You have no right to steel us from our country, and then sell us like we were objects, because we aren’t. I have feelings just like any other normal person. I have someone I love, someone I care about.


You have achieved something in your life, by making other persons feel mistreated and misunderstood, wondering what they could have done to deserve this terrible life. You know what? They don’t, they don’t deserve this life. Your delicious food and luxuries is the result of their misery. My last thought before I fall asleep is if I will make it through the night. I can guess your last thought is which suit you’re going to wear the next day, or witch hat you’re going to buy.


I hope you will reconsider to buy my family back, and let us be together. Because I really don’t think I could live a life without them, not knowing if they are alive or not. I hope you will look favourably at my letter one more time. Think about what you want to do, and who you want to be.


Yours Sincerely

Jack Lockny

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