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Into the Groove

En vennegjeng opplever et musikalsk gjennombrudd.

Skrevet i 8. klasse.  Vi fikk to timer på å skrive oppgaven. Jeg ble ikke fornøyd med oppgaven, men lurer på hvilke karakter jeg kan få.

Lastet opp

It was 07.00 and I woke up, tired as always. I couldn’t believe what I’d dreamed. It was a dream about me, and my best friends Mike and Kyle. It was so realistic. You see, I dreamed that we made a band and become superstars! It was a really fun dream. I just had to tell them when I come to school.


“Mike! Kyle!” I yelled and ran to them. “Guess what? We are going to start a band!”

I was really optimistic, but they just looked at me, as I was really weird.

“Say what?” They said, and started to laugh. “We can’t start a band, you silly! None of us can sing, and Mike is the only one who can play an instrument.”

“Ohhhh, come on!” I looked at them. Of course I understood that the idea was a bit optimistic and unrealistic, but I just felt this was right. We had to make it!

“Where did you get this idea from? I know you are like a lovely punk girl, with black hair, red lips and a beautiful smile. I know you want to get famous and so, but really? I don’t think we can start a band.” Mike looked at me with his friendly blue eyes, and smiled.

“Kyle? What about you? Don’t you want to get famous, and get to know all those hot stars, like Selena Gomez and Brittany Spears?”


But Kyle just laughed at me. I tried to reach eye contact, but he just shook his head. “My cute, dumb friend… We won’t get famous. Maybe some views at YouTube, but nothing more. It’s a cute though, darling, but no. Just no.”


I was a bit disappointed. I thought they would be more willing, and more optimistic, just like me. But it’s okay to dream, isn’t it?


I just sat in a corner the rest of the day and tried to focus on school stuff. But it was impossible. I wrote “Pleaseee!” on some paper, and gave it to Kyle, but he just shook his head. I also looked after Mike, but I couldn’t se him. It was so annoying. This time I actually had a good idea, but no support. Stupid friends!


“Alex! Kyle’s on the phone! Hurry!” It was my little brother, Tom. His voice was so irritating, but I ran down the stairs and pushed Tom away.

“What’s up?” I tried to calm down my voice, and I guess I sounded a little annoyed.

“Mike and I assumed that we could give you and your band-dreams a chance. We fixed a studio in Mikes cellar, but you have to come quick!”

 “WHAT? REALLY?! Oh my god, you guys are the best! I can’t believe it! I LOVE YOU! I have to go, see you in five minuets!”


I ran up to my room again and looked after my Metallica shirt. I shouted at Tom and asked him if he could look after my new jeans while I took some make up on. He didn’t listen, but I scream and screamed till I got it my way.


I was so happy About 10 years from now, when I’m become famous, I would tell the journalist about this day. The beginning of my career.


Miles and Kyle were a bit pissed at me when I come.
“You said you would be here in five minuets! It’s almost an hour ago!”

“I’m sorry, but relax guys! We have the whole evening, and I brought some snacks.” I showed them what I had in my bag, and they didn’t look angry anymore. “A Mars bar for Mike, some chips for Kyle and a lot of candy for us all!”


We ate, and had a great time, but I wanted to focus on the important things.
“What shall we call the band?” I asked.

“I don’t know… It’s your idea. You decide.” Mike nodded. He agreed.

“Yeah, but its OUR band. We need a cool name!” I wanted it to be a decisions made of us all.
“We’re all really smart”, Mike said, “So what about The Geeks?”

It actually looked like he meant it, but I wasn’t that sure. I wanted a cool, creative and inspiring name.

“No, but what about Alex&Co?” I said, and started to laugh.

“Yeah, sure!” Kyle talked in an ironic way.

“Haha, just kidding. But what about K.A.M? It’s simple and easy to remember. But lets start with the real work… THE BAND CLOTHES!”


Two weeks later.


It’s two weeks since the first bandmeeting. Kyle and Mike actually got really excited about the idea of a band, so we’ve practiced everyday the last two weeks.

I’m the singer, and Mike plays guitar. Kyle plays the drum, but he isn’t that good yet.


But anyway: Today is the big day! We’re going to post one of our songs at YouTube! It’s called The Day I Met You, and I think it’s a really cute song. It’s about me when I met Kyle (yeah, you see, I had a crush at him, but they don’t know), and how hard life can be when you are in love with someone you can’t get.

God, I’m so thrilled!


I woke up early the next morning because I had to check how many views we’d got. We used the whole night at posting videos on Facebook, Tumblr, Vimeo, Twitter, blogs and all other social medias.


I checked YouTube first. 391 views and 14 comments! How fun! But I got a little bit shocked when I saw the comments. I know it’s not a big deal, but some of them said we sucked. It was not fun at all to read, but I know I just have to ignore it. I checked Facebook and Twitter and all of our friends gave us support. They are so cute!


“Simone Alexandra!” It was my mom. I hate being called that. Why can’t they call me Alex as everyone else?

“Yes?!” I yelled back, didn’t want to get disturbed.

“You know the video you and your friend posted at YouTube?”


“Someone called. He says he is Justin Bieber’s manager, and he wants to talk to you. NOW!”

Legg inn din oppgave!

Vi setter veldig stor pris på om dere gir en tekst til denne siden, uansett sjanger eller språk. Alt fra større prosjekter til små tekster. Bare slik kan skolesiden bli bedre!

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