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New Zealand

En innholdsrik oppgave om New Zealand.

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New Zealand is a land you can visit all year round, it is never boring in this beautiful country and the temperature is always right for the season. The beaches in New Zealand are magnificent. On your visit to New Zealand you should expect to see much nature and New Zealand is the perfect place to visit if you like to go hiking and other nature activities! In this text you can read a bit about the history of New Zealand and some places we recommend you to visit.





New Zealand has a very interesting history:

The Maoris came to New Zealand before 1200 AD; they came from the eastern Polynesia and brought animals and plants to New Zealand.


One of the first Europeans that came to New Zealand was Abel Tasman; he came to New Zealand in 1642 and gave New Zealand its name. They called it Nieuw Zeeland after the district Zeeland in Holland.


James Cook came to New Zealand in 1769, he occupied the islands but the British Crown didn’t approve it.

In the beginning of the 19th century the British came back to New Zealand and settled there with the Maoris. Because of the contrasts between the natives and the British, the British government sent a Senior Official down to New Zealand. His task was to make sure the development continued.


In 1840 New Zealand officially became a British colony, most of the Maoris accepted it and lived under Queen Victoria’s rule. But there was conflicts that lasted for about 30 years, these conflicts occurred because the Maoris was being suppressed by the British government.


In 1852 New Zealand became a colony with its own government, and in 1907 New Zealand became an independent state in the Commonwealth of Nations with a high status.



About 30% of New Zealand is covered in nature reserves. There are a lot of national parks in New Zealand and here are a 5 of them among the places you have to see when you are in New Zealand!


1. Fiordland National park:

This is one of the most beautiful national parks in New Zealand; it consists of a lot of fiords. It is over 1,2 million hectares and located in southwest in New Zealand as you can see in the picture underneath:



In Fiordland national park you have to visit Milford Sound, this is one of the most famous fjords in New Zealand; it has been referred to as “The eight wonder of the world”.


They offer many activities to do in Fiordland; you can go fishing or go diving. There are also guided tours where you can walk around with a guide or sit on a tour bus.


Including to fiords you can also see some unusual animals such as dolphins, seals, deers, kakapos, kiwis and many more! A kakapo is a special parrot that doesn’t have the ability to fly. It isn’t unusual to see dolphins while you are kayaking in fiordland!






This green bird is a kakapo.


2. Abel Tasman national park






This national park may be one of the smallest parks in New Zealand but it is located perfectly. It’s in one of New Zealand’s sunniest places with the best beaches, Nelson region! Except from beaches, the national park is covered in rainforests and manuka forests. A manuka is a tree as you can see in the picture beneath:




In Abel Tasman national park you should walk the Abel Tasman walk to see the park, it will take about 3-5 days to complete but this will not be a problem when you see all the beautiful nature this national park has to offer.


If you don’t want to walk the Abel Tasman, there are other choices like taking a sea taxi! When you take these taxis you can choose to stop at the beach you like. This park is a popular place to kayak in. Here you can see some of the bays and beaches in Abel Tasman national park:




3. Queenstown

This is the place for you if you if like action and adventures! It is always something to do in Queenstown, in winter there is skiing and all year round you can do activities like bungy jumping, skydiving, yet boating, rafting and other exciting activities. If you don’t want to do activities with lower intensity you can also go hiking or go on sightseeing tours.


If you are planning to spend a day to relax, it’s suggested that you visit one of the amazing pampering and spas they have in Queenstown.


Queenstown in winter is a winter wonderland, the ski resorts are great and in the picture underneath you can see how one of the ski resorts look like:






4. Rotorua

Rotorua is a city in central in New Zealand; it is in a volcanic region. It is one of New Zealand’s most popular places for tourists. You can see some active volcanoes, boiling mud pools, geysers and more. A geyser is a source where it regularly comes outbreaks of steam out:


Here was a picture of a geyser and the beautiful nature in Rotorua.


In Rotorua there are also special pools that are fit for bathing, there is also lakes to see, plenty of native bush walks and places to go fishing in freshwater.


Rotorua is a place like no else, you can smell sulphur in the air because of the volcanoes. Inside the city you can see rivers and pools of boiling mud.



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