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Du er her: Skole > Drug abuse among British youths

Drug abuse among British youths

Engelsk stiloppgave hvor man skulle velge et alvorlig problem blant ungrommer i Storbritannia.

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Is drug abuse a big issue in Britain? How common is the problem? Why do young people choose to take drugs, and is there something they can do to avoid it? In this essay I am going to try to answer these questions and discuss some topics about drug abuse among British youths.


Statistics from 2008 show that illegal drug use among British teenagers is a larger issue in Britain than it is in the rest of Europe. In Europe, the percentage of students under the age of 13 who has tried cannabis is 4 percent. In the UK, however, the percentage is 13. According to surveys from British schools, 25 percent of 11-15 year-old school children have tried drugs, and as much as 10 percent are using illegal drugs regularly. These are shocking numbers, and even experts struggle to find out why the British has so many drug related problems compared to other countries.


There are several reasons why teenagers choose to take drugs. One of these reasons is peer pressure. Many young people feel insecure. Therefore, drugs can be a way to be accepted in a group. Drug abuse can be viewed as tough and rebellious, and therefore a way to gain respect and admiration from others. Some people however, use drugs as a way to escape from stress or depression. For these people, illegal drug use is the only way to relax and escape the thoughts about the tough feelings and problems in life. In addition, some teenagers take drugs out of curiosity, simply for the fun of experimenting and finding out what it is like.

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