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The Wig

Morsom liten tekst, om en som har parykk.

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If you are going to read this story you have to hold tight to something, real tight. Because this is something you won’t believe, and it is all about Hanna Benedicte...

It was Monday morning, just a usual day. Hanna Benedicte walks into the classroom with her beautiful hair, as always.
“Please be quiet” our teacher Trude tried to get control over the class, but it took a long time before she was heard.
“Today we are going to begin on a new assignment and it will be about pencils. You will work with the person next to you. I must have it on my desk tomorrow morning, is that understood??” The class summed like bees.

“Okay, begin!!!”
“Sounds like fun” I said.
“I know” Hanna answered, “but let’s make the best out of it and begin”

Hanna Benedicte and I worked all day, but we didn’t finish and we decided to go to Hanna’s place to finish up. After 3 long hours we sat at her computer and suddenly we began to discuss which size on the letters we wanted.
“Size 12 looks so professional” Hanna said.
“Are you crazy, with size 16 it looks like we have written more”
“No it doesn’t” I got so angry that I started pulling her hair.
“Hey, stop that, I really mean it”
“Oh my god… what is this??”
There I was standing with a wig in my hand. Hanna was nothing but a fake. Now she had short red hair sticking out like a brush.
“ How could you do this Camilla? You spoiled my looks “
“Sorry” I said “ but I did not know. However, I can make a deal with you. “
“Whatever it takes”, Hanna said.
“Okay, if we use size 16 I promise not to, tell anyone”
“Alright then, let’s do it” We change it and I walked home afterwards.

The next week we got the pencil assignment back. And we got a wonderful “A minus”. I walked up to Trude’s desk.
“Why did we get the minus?” I asked.
“Isn’t that obvious? The letters were so small that they covered only one page”
“What do you mean? We had size 16”
“No, size 12, and I did not like it at all.” I did not tell Hanna but decided to tell this story instead.

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