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Revenge is sweet

Kort historie som handler om en mann som dreper sin kone fordi hun truer med å selge gården.

Karakter: 6 (VG2)

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She was just sitting there, staring at me with those blood soaked, gloomy and vengeful eyes. Her hands were all wet, bloody and tainted with filth. “Why?” she said, with her last breath, as her head and body fell towards the floor. I nodded slowly, and turned away from her. As I walked away from her I started thinking of all the wonderful times we had spent together, and why it had come to this.


The year was 1932. My wife and I lived on a farm with our small boy, Johnny. Johnny was a sweet kid. He was intelligent, articulated and extremely charismatic. My wife, Martha, was an extremely compassionate woman. She worked at a charity, helping small kids to read and write. We owned a couple hundreds of acres on our farm. Normally the crop was a success, but this year it was a disaster. Our crop failed miserably. And if that was not enough, we were also in dire need of money.


“Come on, Johnny. We have to go” I yelled up towards the second floor. I grabbed my wallet, car keys and our lunch boxes, and headed towards the door. I ran through the storming weather, and jumped in my car. After 3 minutes Johnny finally came. We were on our way to school, and Johnny had hurt his knee, so I had to take him. The ride over there was slow and exhausting. When I finally dropped him of I was more than ready to go home. I drove home, and parked the car in the barn. I ran through the pouring rain as fast as I could, opened the door and hurried inside. Martha was sitting in my dark-brown chair overlooking the fireplace. “Wilfred, we had to talk” she said. I was totally Shocked by the tone in which she said it. It was like a terrified and ill-concealed tone of voice. “Wilfred, our crop was a failure, and we have no money left. Soon we will not have enough money to afford school for Johnny. Therefore I think that the smartest thing to do would be to sell all of our acres, and travel to the city to start a new life, maybe open up a store”. I was totally perplexed. I could not believe that she would say such a disgusting thing. “I have spent half my life building this barn and our house. And not only that, but I have also been occupied with maintaining the farm. If you want to sell this tremendous piece of land it will have to be over my dead body. She looked at me with a glare that could penetrate a man’s soul. “Wilfred, if you are not willing to sacrifice this for the benefit of your family, then I have no other alternative than to sell the acres, take Johnny with me and start a new life on my own. I could not believe what I was hearing. How could my own wife tell me that she would eradicate my life’s work and expose me to ridicule in this manner. The worst part of this was the fact that she was actually capable of doing this. It was her father who had owned all of the 300 acres. Therefore it was officially her property. “It would behove you to listen to me, Martha, I will not say it again. I am not selling this farm” I said, as I tore open the door and slammed it shut on my way out.

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