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The pipers revenge

En engelsk tentamen om fortsettelsen av rottefangern av hameln.

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Task 1

1. She has been two nights at some Australian girls place, and she visited      some tourist attractions in London. Some of them are: St. Pauls, Buckingham palace, Trafalgar square, And Madame Tussaud’s, but she didn’t like it very much. She is planning to go to Dublin, as well as going further north.


2. The welsh people get really mad when you call them English, because wales isn’t a part of England, it’s a own country and it has own culture as well. Cardiff is the capital of Wales. Welsh people speak welsh, as well as English. Wales is southeast of England. Wales isn’t really that big, but it’s considered a country anyways.


3. I liked the warning to all parents a lot; I found it very amusing and funny. I like it because it is from another point of view, instead of the children telling the story, it’s the dad. And I think it’s a great way to start the booklet with the best story first (In my opinion).


Task 2

I would choose the English study centre. It has games, and sports, and it’s not that far away from London which is great because if I’m in England I would also want to see some tourist attractions.




The pipers revenge part two

Diary of nick day 3678: Its early morning, the fog is slowly going away. I’m sitting here with my brother Jack. The air feels deep. It’s almost time now. He says it’s time to go back. I’m looking forward to it. Finally I will be able to see the outside world!


Jack says it’s time to go. To the yearly autumn ceremony! I walk up the stairs to the meeting hall. The meeting hall is usually full, but it’s only me, jack and some other guys now. I recognize some of them right away, like Joe Annika and Peter. “I wonder where the other guys are”? Jack asked. ”Yeah, where could they be”?


Then, over in the corner I see something moving. Its dad! “DAAAAAD”! I shout. Dad was one of the original children captured long ago. He sees me and he comes over to me with a grin on his face that I’ve never seen before, he’s so serious! He explains to me that the piper is coming soon, and that were the only ones left, the other ones got released yesterday along with my mother. “Mom got released”? I ask. ”What can we do”? Jack asks. We’ll let the piper explain that.


But no matter what happens, promise me one thing; never stop holding onto this. He gives me some sort of a golden flute; I do not understand what it is for, or how it works. Dad tells me that he cannot tell me how to use it, but he tells me that when the time is ready, I will learn it by myself.


I almost jump out of the meeting hall and straight back to the bedroom when I hear the horn. It’s not one of those normal horns, which you play songs on; it’s a really big pointy shaped horn. Jack doesn’t seem to flinch at all, but that’s just how he is, compared to me and dad.


The piper goes out on stage. “I have a lot to tell you” He says. “You will soon go out in the wild, but since all of you have over 3 pointy marks, you will need to prove yourself first.”


“Oh that’s why we weren’t released with the others”! Jack whispers to me. The pointy marks? Oh they’re some sort of mark you get on your collar when you have done something really bad. I got one for example when me and jack tried to escape from the cavern, Dad got one as well that day, because he tried to stop us. Unlucky for him, it looked as he was trying to escape. That was considered one of the biggest crimes you could do, so we each got four pointy marks that day.


The piper said that we had to follow him, so we did. He stroke his hand over the stone wall, and a secret passage opened up. We kept going up some sort of weird stairs they were neither wooden nor made out of stone. I asked the piper and he said that it was made out of “iron” a metal from the outside world! That’s was the first step forward into the outside world.


When we arrived we were at some weird place with no roof. The floor was made out of some weird green pointy things, it did not hurt to stand on them, it tickled a bit actually! Dad explained to me that this was known as “grass”.


“Cool”! Jack shouted. I was too busy looking at the grass, but when I turned my head up, I know what he meant. It was an arena made out of fire, and black stone!


The piper said we should stop and said that this is the big test. He explained that we had to walk over the magical bridge, if we had thought of telling what we saw inside the cave, the bridge would break, and we would fall into the fire.


Easy I thought! Turns out it wasn’t. I was first up, but at the middle of the bridge some lizard thingies popped out of nowhere. I thought that I could tell what happened to them, suddenly I fell. I remember what the piper said.


But then, in the middle of the fall, I pull the gold flute out of my pocket, I blow in it while I think insanely on getting back up, the moment my feet touch the fire, I see that I am on the middle of the bridge again, the lizards pop out again, I realize that I can go back in time with this flute.


I gently jump over the lizards over to the other side, the others do it gently as well, dad is the last in line, he falls and I immediately I blow the flute and he is up there again, he makes it on the third run finally.


The piper leads us out, and we see mom outside waiting for us. On the way to the nearest village we see a man writing on some papers.We ask him what he is planning to do, he says that he is planning to make a tale of the piper, but not the whole truth. We get to the nearest village, where we live happily ever after, but I will never forget what happened that day.



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