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The mountain trip

Historie om to menn som skal på fjelltur og klatre.

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On late winter day Jim woke up, and saw the beautiful weather outside. He decided that he would to take trip on the mountain. The mountain he should climb, but not alone. He took with a friend. The friend is called Huck. They worked same place, and are good friends!


Jim ate breakfast before he should meet his friend, Huck. My mother has called me many times. She say “you must be very careful, when you climbing”. I answer “Yes, I am not a small baby”. My mother was so overprotective. Every time I went out, call my mother me. That was so terrible!


I started to pack my bag and I pack much food. When you go on a long trip, you will be very hungry!


I clothes me after the weather, there were outside. I most think about what degrees that was on the mountain. That was always colder on the mountain.


I went to the car, and drive to meet my friend, Huck. Huck should sit on with my car. it takes two times to drive to mountain. I started the car and drove to Huck`s home. He was also ready, Huck wait along the way.


Huck say” Good morning, thank you so much that you wanted grabs me up. Jim answer “Good morning to you also, no problem!”


They were away to the mountain. They were in high spirits! On away they stopped with a souvenir shop and café. On café ate them good cake and coffee! This is was a life.


Jim and Huck went to car, and drove further. After along drove trip are they finally further. The mountain trip started. First most they walked in 20-30 minutes, after walking was the climbing.


Huck has climbing many times before. That had not Jim, he was little bit nervous. “That will go well, answer Huck!”


After a long walk, was them further! The climbing started. Jim was very afraid. He has a bad feeling. “This goes so well, I promise, answer Huck”.


They climbed very high, Jim seen down, he faint. Huck climbs fast away to Jim. “Can you hear me? Wake up! Called Huck”


Jim answer. “Oo yes, you are in live! Called Huck “They was finish with climbing, Jim and Huck camping with a canyon. Huck set up a tent, so they can sleep in. Jim made some food. After tent were set up, ate them much food and have a nice afternoon in the sun weather!


The sun began to go down. Jim and Huck went in the tent. That have been very long day, they was very sleep. Jim and Huck fall in deep sleep.


After a long sleep woke them up, the sun shone in their eyes. That was a good trip feeling! Huck made good breakfast.


Them decided that they will pack theirs bag and the tent. After a packing, them will started to climb down, because Jim don’t like the mountain after that by happened yesterday. He will go home. The mountain has taken the fright of Jim.


Huck has a friend with a helicopter. He will come and bring us down to the car. Jim heard the sound of helicopter. He was very happy! The helicopter came until, the canyon and grabs us with. We flew down to the car.


We set us in to the car, and drive home.


We are further. Thanks, the trip was nice! Answer Huck” Jim drove home and sleep of , after a unforgettable trip!



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