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Et møte på en nattklubb utarter seg.

Tentamensoppgave fra 9. klasse.

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He smiled. His eyes glowed. He came towards me like an intoxicated blind man. His feet were all over the place and he mumbled something. I could run. But I was so drunk I could barely stand on my own two feet.  I have been so ignorant. I had been like a foolish teen girl. I believed everything he told me. The room was small with no windows. It smelled like rotten food and sweat. I was getting dizzy and nauseous. It felt like I was in another dimension. I felt bad. I threw up.


He got angry. He screamed and threw objects around. Everything went slow motion for me. I didn’t feel anything. I was empty. He came towards me and threw me against the wooden wall. I lost my consciousness. I felt an inner peace. A stream of calmness went through my body. Slowly but steady my eyes closed and I fell on the dirty floor.


The whole horror story went on replay in my head. Like a horror movie with no laughter or joy, with no happiness only cruelty and maltreatment. How I got framed no deceived from this ice cold man with no shame or disgust for anything. I got a warm sensation that went through my body. The scars he gave me. I felt instant a teardrop sliding down slowly from my cheeks.


I first met him in the club. Everybody in there was ecstasy users. I was to. Everything was better with ecstasy. I saw beautiful colors and had an awesome feeling. The loud music gets into your head and it’s literary to loud to hear yourself think. One time I was on the dance floor minding my own business, I could see someone staring at me holding a drink in his hand. He was like a ghost standing there behind everyone in the shadow. Our eyes met and I smiled. He waved at me.


From that second I was doomed. In the second our eyes met I was doomed with a life with torture and tears. He was like a black hole sucking every inch of light and existents. His dark eyes full of blistering hate. His hand was cold like he wasn’t alive. He wasn’t alive.


I went to him. He had a black hat and he looked down. I didn’t see his face. But I saw a scar. The scar went over his mouth. He couldn’t apparently speak. He had black eyes and smelled awful. He looked so sad. He looked so harmless. He had on gloves and glasses. He was huge. I smiled friendly. He pointed. His finger went to the restroom. I took his firm hand and we went through the mob who was dancing. Just for enjoyment I stopped right in the middle of the mob and started dancing. He just stood there. His eye’s glowed. The scar appeared even better now.


I pointed to his mouth.


- What happened can you speak!? I squealed exited, I just couldn’t hold me.


He didn’t answer. He just took of his hat. His hair looked greasy. Was my eyes fooling me or was that an insect running through his hair. It doesn’t seem like he was from here. I had never seen him here before.  But strangely I felt like I had known him for a while. He took my hand and dragged me across the dancing floor. He was strong. I couldn’t do anything. I was like a doll in a dog’s mouth. He just pulled me where he wanted to. He controlled me.


I slowly opened up my eyes. He wasn’t there. But the light was off. Maybe he was out? I tried to get loose, but for no use. He had tied me to the bed. I heard something load. Someone was shouting. I think it is a girl. I could see trough the door crack. It was a girl in the living room.

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