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A Day`s Wait by Ernest Hemingway

En analyse av A Day`s Wait av Ernest Hemingway.

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To get a general understanding of the plot of this story; The story is about a nine year old boy named Schatz, his father and his doctor. Schatz thought he was going to die when the doctor told him that his temperature was 102.


The story took place before 09:00 a.m. one morning when Schatz came into his father`s room looking very sick and later on the same day being quite uncooperative. The time of the year must be either fall or early/late winter, because of the ice on the ground. The story took place at Schatz`s house and appeared to be set in a country other than France. Schatz being diagnoses with such a high fever and a belief that he was going to die, started the conflict. And when he learned that there was a difference between the thermostats he calmed down, which was the end of the conflict.


The story`s structure showed a hard process. The complications started when Schatz walked into his father`s room and moved as if he was in pain.

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