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All hope is gone

Skoleskriving på vg1 i engelsk før høstferien. Vi skulle avslutte "Going home" av Pete Hamill på en annen måte.

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The bus engine ran so fast, but the bus so slow. Every second counting down was slow too. Along with every second that passed by I could hear the sound of a heartbeat, a strong and heavy heartbeat. The whole bus felt empty. This one second, all of the people faded away, it made a complete silence. It was all so blurry. Every breath was like breathing sulfur. This moment, this one moment! This one thing that shouldn’t have happened. The one tree that was supposed to be filled with handkerchiefs was empty. I had to take another glimpse. I turned my head around again to get another view. The shocking sight of an empty tree still scares me. All was unclear except the tree. Everything made no sense though it did. All this time I should have understood it. I decided to look away from the tree. Now I could hear mumbling and some screaming sounds. With the beat of my own pulse things started to become clear, but the drama was still here. People were quarreling and crying. They knew things were quite over for me. As everything now was clear I could feel the warm hands of my new friends giving me a clap on my shoulder. The warmth was still not warming. My soul kept freezing with the thought of what had just happened. I could hear people talking, but still my focus was outside the bus. A somewhat scorching, but freezing pain went through my body a second time. Everything faded once more; it felt almost black and white, gray. No noises or anything else, just this one glimpse. Where our house stood before was now empty. Just certain parts of it were left. Everything else was charcoal. My mind was locked at this one thought:


“What had happened to my family?”


A tearing pain filled my whole body, but my brains the most. All the noise from the people around me was fading back again. The noise they made when they saw what I had just seen filled the whole bus. Though I could hear people and see them move, it still felt like the world had stopped. I saw my whole life in front of me. There were flashing lights right before me. Doomsday, felt like a sick joke compared to this. I knew I had nothing in front of me. The whole time I “knew” this was not going to happen. It all felt worse than everything. It was a searing pain, eating my heart from the inside. The noise from the people made everything worse. I had no urge to tell them to shut up though it crippled my ears. The shouting became more and more intense. They walked over to me and tried to help me up. Without noticing I had actually fallen apart while I was in my own “dream eating” world. I stood up with the assistance of my companions and walked forward. I felt disoriented and couldn’t walk properly. Another thing I hadn’t noticed before now was also that the bus had stopped.


Afterwards I made it on my own feet and could actually hear what people were saying now. I felt like I was thrown off the buss as I didn’t catch what they were saying. Now that I was clear minded I had nothing in my thoughts, just a buzzing sound kept my brain still going. The bus was gone and I was not able to understand. The buzzing sound became louder and I realized where I was actually standing. I collapsed onto the ground, in tears. I inhaled what was left of my old house, ashes. I was home.

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