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Oppgaven var å plukke ut et tema fra boken i sammenheng med USA, og skrive en artikkel. Jeg valgte å skrive om Freedom.

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To Americans freedom is one of the most important values. This includes freedom of speech, religious freedom, political freedom, personal freedom and economic freedom. Americans thinks that they have the freest society in the world. They also regard their country to be a good opportunity for those immigrants that look for freedom and wants a better life.

Freedom of Speech
Freedom of speech means that you have freedom to speak freely without any censorship.  Thus it gives you the right to say exactly what you want to say, it also gives you the right to give and receive information without any interference from the authorities or any other persons.


Most people, when they think of the definition of freedom, they think of Liberty, which includes freedom of speech. The definition of liberty is having the ability to act according to your own will, as long as it doesn't affect the ability of someone else to act according to their own will. Most rational people would agree that this is the way that a society should function. But some people think that there should not be any censorship at all, even though it crosses someone else’s will. An example of that is “Julian Assange” – the man who founded “wikileaks”. He does whatever that pleases him to reveal the secrets of the American government.  Julian Assange is a controversial fighter for the freedom of speech. He is pushing the limits of “freedom to speech” so far he possible can.  


Religious Freedom
Religious freedom also called “freedom of religion” is the freedom each and everyone have to an individual belief or religion.  What this means is that you're entitled to believe whatever you want as well as to worship any god or higher power. Many people consider this to be a fundamental part of human rights.


Bill of Rights is the first ten amendments to the Constitution, and in the first of these amendments they guarantee the freedom of religion. This shows how important religious freedom is considered to be by the Founding Fathers.  


After 1791 when the Bill of Rights was adopted to the Constitution, a lot of immigrants who wanted freedom and a better life, fled to the United States of America. They were tired of getting “chased” because of their religion, and wanted to come to a country where they could be who they wanted and believe what they wanted to believe.


Political Freedom
The political freedom is the freedom that gives the right to believe what you want and to stand for what you think is right. This freedom also gives you the right to stand in opposition to the ruling power. An example of a form of government based on political freedom is “democracy”. In a democracy, all the adult citizens have the chance to determine the decisions that affect their lives.


A strong court system is necessary to support the “Bill of Rights” and individual liberties. This is to make sure that the laws and rights of people are protected.


Personal Freedom
Many people think that personal freedom is the freedom that gives you the right to do anything you want to do, but that’s wrong. Personal freedom actually gives you the right to stand up and argue without any fear those times you don’t get it your way.


Thus, personal freedom means that a person has the ability to live without any interference from any national governmental agency, organization, city, state or representative what so ever. Freedom means choice without consequences, just having that situation is freedom.


Economic Freedom
Economic freedom is the freedom that gives you the right to choose how to produce, sell, and use your own resources as long as you respect others’ rights to do the same.


The reason why economic freedom is important is because it affects every aspect of an individual’s life. An increase of economic freedom improves well-being and leads to a higher quality of life.


In my point of view freedom is very different from place to place. This is because people and the countries all over the world have different opinions of freedom and what it is. In Norway we look at “freedom” in a different way than they do in America. In America they value individual rights and personal properties, while we in Norway appreciate respect for the community and the public right to walk on to another man’s property.



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