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A better day

En strabasiøs hverdag - fra en hunds ståsted. Jeg vil gjerne vite hva dere mener om den. Fortjente jeg karakteren?

Karakter: 5+ (engelsktentamen, 9. klasse)

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The street was dark and cold. I could almost feel the sadness flying in the wind. I heard people walking and talking, cars driving around and some other dogs barfing. I didn’t think much… All I could think of was my foot. Three boys had kicked me and dropped me down from height. I didn’t know why, all I knew was that I had to get away. And so I did, to the most darkest and poorest street of London.


I limped my way trough the street, trying to find a good place to sleep, when suddenly 2 dogs turned the corner. The biggest one was black and had a brown spot around his left eye. He was the biggest dog I’ve ever seen. But the other dog was almost the opposite. He was small and totally white. His face was wrinkled and old, and he looked really weird. He was also smaller than me. “Look, Tony. Dinner.” The small dog said and laughed. “Now, now Patrick, we must be sure that he is eatable.” Tony said. They laughed.


I turned around to just see the three boys standing and joking around with a injured bird. The two dogs was just a meter away from me. Tony, the biggest dog, was really big. It looked like he was 2 meters bigger than me when I looked up at him. “Please, don’t hurt me! I haven’t done anything…” I said while I lowered my tail and ears. They laughed. Tony grabbed my ear and threw me aside. I hit some trashcans and felled down in a big pit. Everything was dark.


It hurt. I hurt. I didn’t dare to open my eyes, in case the dogs were still there. It was quiet, and cold. Suddenly I heard a door slam up, and I looked up. An old woman stood above me, carrying a towel. She had tears in her eyes, and was all covered in bite-marks. I looked fast around, and saw the big dog named Tony lying on the ground with a bloody stone next to him. The woman’s hand was also covered in blood. I closed my eyes, tired of everything.


I woke up. Noticing the woman lying next to me. I was rolled in a blanket, lying in a big bed. I looked at her bite-marks. They were much bigger than mine. My body didn’t hurt more, so I took the chance and laid down closer to her. I could feel her breath in my neck. It was so good, so good to feel I’d finally get a good day. A better day.

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