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Oppgave om kyssing og vennskap.

Tentamen i engelsk, 8. klasse.

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Task: 1- My visual angle on the magazine.

I think the magazine is god to read for them who don’t know so much about love, friendships, different type of kisses, girls and how to get out of the cupboard. And it’s so funny when you read it because it’s so much you didn’t know about love and friendships.


I like the magazine because you can learn so much new stuff and things you don’t know before. But I also think the magazine is most based on that to be gay, since the longest story is based on how to get out of the cupboard.


Task: 2 - What friendship is to me!

Friendship is to me a very good think because you can have so much fun with your friends at the school and on the spare time. I know everyone has a very good friend they can play with and share secrets with. The bad things with friendships that are you’re going to fight sometime in the friendship with your friend and its many people you can’t trust.


The main thing in friendships is: honesty, goodness, kindness, you most trust him/her, the person should have a good impression on you in some situation, yeah and so much more I don’t remember since I’m not a girl. :-)



Task: 3C - Kissing

Kissing is a wonderful thing. It is many types of kisses like: the French kiss, butterfly kiss you name it lissome. Today I’m going to tell you about three types of kisses:


The Spiderman kiss

The Spiderman kiss is based on the Spiderman movie that was made in 2002. This is how you do the Spiderman kiss: the kiss involves that someone face is upside-down from your face. If we had internet on this mock exam I could find a photo since a photo tells more than thousand words.


The French kiss

The French kiss is really the tongue kiss. This is how you do the French kiss: first you kiss normal and then you put your tongue in the other person’s mouth and make, out the French kiss is most used while you having sex, just watch a love movie or something and you can see the French kiss.


The Cheek kiss

The cheek kiss is most used to say goodbye, to flirt or some girls are using it to say thank you. This is how you do the Cheek kiss: you just kiss the other person on the Cheek, just try it sometime, the girl/boy will be very suspicious that you like him/her or not. In many countries the uses the cheek kiss as a salute when they met each other but then they kiss on the both cheeks.


That was three types of kisses you should try, I have don’t tried it jet but I will for sure. Why I choose this task is because the other tasks was difficult to understand for me and I’m not gay even if I wrote this text.

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