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Direction Dream

En engelsk fortelling jeg lagde en gang. En heldig jente som får besøk av selveste One Direction på skolen. Det skjer ting mellom hun og Niall... Hadde tenkt å skrive det på tentamen, men det passet ikke med oppgaven ..

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Chapter 1: Dreams

I woke up by the roaring sound of my phone alarm. I slowly opened my eyes and tapped the phone screen to turn the alarm off. I unlocked my phone by typing in «One Direction», which was my absolute favorite band. I had a One Direction wallpaper and a One Direction app. I clicked on the app to see if there was anything new in the direction world, and the only new thing was about an interview. Everyday I wished for a chance to meet them. To meet them, even just for a minute, would be a dream come true. I've planted myself in front of my computer screen watching movies & pictures of them, and laughing for myself. It felt like I knew all five of them like best friends, just best friends I've never met, and probably never will. The thought was making me sad. It felt like I was with them every day, but in reality, I was laughing of a computer screen. To meet them was my dream, and I would do anything I could to do it. If there was a chance, I would take it.


I startled when I was hit by an erase. My classmates had seen that my thought was is its own world. They laughed at me before they started to shoot erases on each other instead.

- “One Direction fantasies again?”asked my best friend, Lily.

- “Yup...”, I replied. “I want to meet them so badly!”

- “We MUST see one of their concerts!”

- “Of course! I can't wait until that day will come!”


Chapter 2: The meeting

Suddenly the bell rang.

- “Class dismissed”, the teacher said.

I packed my books and me and Lily decided to go out for a walk. The recess last for 30 minutes, so we walked slowly and talked. We were the only ones in sight.

- “We have that project for Tuesday, and I haven't started yet”, Lily said. “I don't even know what we're suppose to write about!”

- “Really? You've got three days on it..”

- “I know, but when I'm at home I'm getting-”

Lily stopped. She stood perfectly still and stared like she saw a ghost.

- “Lily, what is it?”, I asked. “Why did you stop?”

I looked up how she looked, and I couldn't believe what I saw. I wanted to scream, but couldn't make a noise. I couldn't speak or think. My head was clear. I grabbed Lily's arm and nearly squeezed it. Now I knew why she stopped. They came closer. I thought I was about to faith, but I didn't. My body was shaking, and full of goosebumps. This couldn't be happening. The five boys of perfection lit up the room like stars. All those beautiful eyes, those haircuts and those clothes. I couldn't take my eyes off them. I saw two blue eyes looking at me. I couldn't cover my smile caused by Niall's beautiful eyes. He smiled back, and it felt like my heart was running faster. Niall Horan was smiling to me! It felt like forever, even though it only last for like five seconds. I thought I was so lucky, and nothing could make me happier, but I was wrong. After smiling to me, he also winked. I suddenly stopped breathing. I looked right into Niall's eyes and I did not breathe again before they had passed us.


Chapter 3: Happiness

- “Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!!”, said Lily while jumping around with a huge smile. “Niall just winked to you!”

I still couldn't say anything. I was in shock.

- “Oh my god, I can't believe that just happened!!

- “Neither can I”, I replied at last.

- “Did you see Niall?!”

- “I know!” I can't believe it! Dreams really comes true!”

- “What was they doing here?”

- “Who the heck cares? We just saw One Direction IN OUR SCHOOL!!”

We used all our happiness by run screaming into our classroom. We started to dance and jump around singing on One Direction's best hits. Our classmates gave us a silly look, but we did not care. I packed up my lunch box with two toasts and a sandwich in it, and Lily looked at me and laughed.

- “What?”, I said. “I'm getting hungry when I'm happy”

- “You're hungry all the time”, she replied with a teasing glance.

- “Ha-ha, very funny”

- “When you're nervous, scared, sad-”

- “Hey, stop it, you know I love food”, I laughed.

You can tell we had calmed down, but I had so many questions stuck in my head. What was they doing here? Why did Niall wink? Did anything happen between us?


Chapter 4: Before the concert

- “Listen up, class”, the teacher said. “We're fortunate to have a boyband to play for us today. The concert will be in the gym at 1:40 PM.”

I could not control myself anymore. I just found out why One Direction was at our school. 1:40 PM was only 45 minutes to go. I was so exited!

- “Oh my god!” I said to Lily. “That MUST be One Direction!”

- “Oh god, what am I suppose to do to impress Zayn? I want him to like me! Should I say something? He didn't even notice me back in the hallway!”

- “Of course he did. They all saw us, we were the only one there!”

- “But what if-”

- “You don't need to do anything! If he don't like you the way you are, who cares? It's his loss!”

- “I care...” she said with a sad face.

- “Okay, I really have NO idea... My mind is still clear from when Niall winked to me”

- “Lucky you”, she said and looked at me with a jealous face.

I started to plan what to do. Should I talk to Niall? Should I ask him why he winked? Would I get to talk to them at all? I started to get nervous. This was my chance, and if I did something wrong, what would happen?


I chewed the bread I had in my mouth. I heard everyone around me talking, but I could barely see anything. I had a toast in one hand, and the other one held Lily's. We were so exited. The spotlights were turned and the stage was full of light. That was the sign. The music was turned on and I heard their voices coming from behind the stage.


Chapter 5: Talking to the dream

They got up on the stage and started to sing, but because of all the screaming around me I barely could hear anything. At that moment I didn't care about anything but Niall. I stared at him without blinking. He was so adorable! He stood on the stage singing along like a rock star! He looked at me, then he looked away. I got chills when he looked at me. Now he knew where I was.

- “Baby you light up my world like nobody else, the way that you flip you hair gets me overwhelmed”, they sang before Niall suddenly looked at me again. “You don't know, oh oh, you don't know you're beautiful, oh oh, that's what makes you beautiful”.


Then he smiled. I really had a special feeling. Of some reason I was calm that time. I didn't freak out or something. I was actually relaxed. It was a fantastic feeling. I thought I had something special with Niall, and that I might be the one for him.


After the concert, all the girls had crowded outside their checkroom screaming for autographs. Lily and I didn't believe they would come out by the thought that almost 500 girls were standing outside their checkroom, so we spared our time by just leave all the screaming girls. On the way back to our classroom, we met One Direction again. Lily looked very exited, and I stood there perfectly still and squeezing her arm again.

- “Hey, aren't you the girls from the hallway?”, Harry asked.

- “...uh-huh!”, Lily said carefully.

- “Did you have fun at the concert?”

- “Uhm.. Yeah, sure! You're great! We're HUGE fans!!”

I felt a bit embarrassed when Lily said that. I didn't want it to become a big deal about that we were fans, I just wanted them to know us a bit.

- “You're the girl I winked to, did you see that?”, Niall asked.

I felt warm blood going all the way threw my body.

- “Yeah, that's me... I was wondering why..”

- “let's just say you're a pretty good looking girl”, Niall said with a smile. “I saw that you ate a toast under the concert, do you have more left?”

Me and Lily started to laugh, and Liam friendly slapped Niall's face. We took some photos with them, and got their autographs, then they had to leave.

- “Wait, can we get hugs before you leave?”

I didn't really think about what I said, but I really wanted to hug them, and it just flowed out of me. They turned around, and I had no idea what to say or do. It was very tempting to scream, since I hadn't done it in front of them yet.

- “Of course you can!”, Zayn said.


His answer relieved me. Lily looked SO happy at the moment, and I saw it on her face that she was working really hard not to cry. I didn't really think about that it was One Direction we were talking to. They acted just like anyone else, and were really cool! Louis' warm arms held around me. It felt good to be hugged by a member of One Direction. After he lat go, I looked at Lily who got a hug from Zayn. She seemed to be so happy! Zayn was her favorite in One Direction, and her dream would always be to get a kiss from him. I felt some other arms hold around me, and I got a quick bear hug from Harry. I looked at Lily again, who now was hugged by Liam. It was a quick hug, just like the one got from Harry. Suddenly I got a head buried in my shoulder, and warm, comfortable hands around my waist. It was the best hug I'd got. Niall's hugs are known as the best, and I could tell it was true. It was a long and warm hug before he took my hand and wrote something on it with a pen.

- “Use it sometime”, Niall said with a smile.

I made a big smile and looked at him.

- “First to get in the car!”, Louis screamed and pulled Harry with him.


Zayn took off and jumped on Liam's back. They ran right behind Harry and Louis, and were followed by Niall and his adorable laugh. Me and Lily started to laugh too. They waved goodbye to us, and we waved back. When the car was gone, I turned around and we screamed as loud as we could. I settled down on the ground, and looked up to the skies. My heart was now complete, and I was the happiest girl in the world.

- “What did Niall write on your hand?”, Lily asked.

I had almost forgotten it! Niall wrote on my arm! I lifted my arm and looked at it. I would expect a life lesson or maybe a poem, but it was so much better. It was numbers. Not only numbers, but a phone number. HIS phone number. It felt like my heart just stopped. It felt like I was in another world, where everything could happen. I would never expect this to happen. Could I be the one for Niall Horan?

- “LILY!!!” I screamed at full volume. “OH. MY. GOD!! You don't dare wake me up from this dream!!”

- “What did he write?”, she replied.

- “I just got Niall Horan's PHONE NUMBER!!”

- “What?! NO WAY! I'll hate you if this is a joke!!”

I showed her my arm, and we started to jump around like idiots. Then I finally got out all the tears I had avoided the whole day. That day was life changing! I knew I had something that millions of other girls dreamed about. Next step would be to call him, but what should I say to him then?


Chapter 6: The call

I threw by bag in a corner, and jumped into the bed. I buried my head in the pillow and screamed. Nothing could ruin this day for me. It was the best day of my life. I took up the autographs I'd got from the boys. I found a frame and hung it up on my wall. I did the same with the pictures we took with them. I admired the beautiful wall for a while before my phone called. I picked it up. Anonymous number.

- “Hello?”, I said in the phone.

- “Hey, who am I talking to?”

- “ It's *(Your_name)*, who is this?”

- “Guess three times..”

- “Is it a prank call?”

- “That's actually a very stupid question...”

- “I don't know.. who is it?”

- “My first name starts on N, and my last name on H.”

I took my hand over my mouth and felt my eyes give up.

- “Niall Horan?” I asked.

- “I knew you would guess it!”

- “Oh my god..” I said with a smile. “How did you find my number?”

- “That's a long story...”

I was quiet and felt my tears rolling down my cheek. I struggled with not making any stupid noises.

- “are you still there?”, he asked after a minute.

- “..Yeah, I am... I just wouldn't expect you to call..”

- “I don't think anyone would”

- “I know, but I'm just a simple directioner! It's a like a dream come true!”

- “Every directioner is loved by us, even when we've never met them”

It was quiet for a little while. I started to look at pictures of Niall. His eyes was so beautiful, and he was so funny. We had a lot in common too. I was thinking of everything I loved with him. He was so perfect! My thoughts was totally in love with him..

- “I love you”, It flowed out of me.

I regretted right after I said those three words. I couldn't believe I jut said that. I started to cold sweat, and I got very nervous.

- “No”, He said. “I love YOU”.

I turned my mouth wide open. He just said he loved me!! I had nothing to say anymore. It was quiet. It was pretty much embarrassing silence at that moment.

- “Well...I guess I have to go now, so...” He said.

- “Okay, we'll talk again sometime.”

- “Okay, goodbye”

- “Bye.....”

I threw my phone a random place and placed my head in the pillow and screamed again. I kicked with my feet and started to cry. It was official, I was the happiest girl in the world at the moment.


Chapter 7: Can we meet again?

I took up my phone. It was two days since I talked to Niall. Should I call? Without thinking I just tapped the “call” button. It was calling.

- “Hello?”, He said.

- “Hey, It's *(Your_Name)*”, I said. “What are you doing?”

- “Not much.. Twitter and Facebook. I'll may do a twitcam later”

- “Do it, I'll be there!”

- “I can, but I would rather do something else”

- “Like what? Visit fans?”

- “Yeah, that would be fun! Where do you live?”

- “Seriously? It was a joke..”

- “I didn't joke, I want to visit you”

The happy feeling came back. Should I give him my address and tell him to come?

- “I live in *(Your_Address)*, will you seriously come for a visit?”

- “Yeah, I'll be there in an hour or two..”

- “Really? So you're coming?”

- “Yeah, I'll see you then”

- “Okay, See you!”

I had so many feelings in my body, and didn't know which one I should choose. I was overwhelmed.


After a quick shower I put my makeup. Mascara, powder and a little foundation. Not too much, and not too little. Then I found some clothes I could wear. I turned around and found out I had to clean my room. I pushed all my clothes back in the closet and got rid of all the trash. Everything had to be perfect! Everything embarrassing had to be hid. Suddenly the door bell rang. I felt that I was nervous. I got a big lump in my stomach, and I got paranoid. Anything could go wrong!


Chapter 8: Kiss me, I'm Irish

- “Hello?”, Niall said from the entrance. “*(Your_Name)*, are you here?”

I took a deep breath and went to the entrance.

- “Hi, Niall!”, I said smiling.

- “For a minute I thought this was the wrong house or something..”

Luckily for me, I was alone home. Niall took his shoes off, and I showed him the way to my room. We settled down in the bed, and I had no idea what to do. I carefully took my laptop and placed it on my lap.

- “Do you want to see where I find all the information about you?”

- “Yeah, absolutely!”

I typed in the web address, and pressed enter. I created a new tab and wrote another web address. I ended up with 7 tabs with different One Direction sites.

- “Holy...... Nandos..”, Niall said with a really surprised glance. “I had no idea how many sites that write about us..”

- “This is nothing, there's many others, but these ones are the best.. there's at least 100 sites”

- “Seriously? THAT many?”

I smiled, and scrolled down on the site. I stopped and laughed when I saw a picture of Niall with a duck face which said “Kiss me, I'm Irish”. Niall started to laugh too. His laugh was so much cuter in reality. I loved it!

- “Your laugh is awesome”, I said.

- “Thanks! Your too”

I wanted to ask him why he chose me. Why me instead of Lily? Why me instead of every Directioner in the world? I just had to ask him...

- “Niall?” I said. “Why did you choose to have contact with me?”

He turned his head and looked at me.

- “Well, basically it was because you're totally different from the other Directioners. Plus, you're really beautiful”


I smiled to him before he turned his head again and scrolled down on the site. It was very quiet. It was weird how I got used to Niall. I didn't freak out or stop breathing anymore. I couldn't believe that Niall Horan himself was in my bedroom! I thought it was so weird how lucky I'd been. Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted. My hand was being held. I looked down at it, and up at Niall. He looked at me again with that romantic face. He stared at me for a while. It felt so good when we looked in each others eyes. Then he smiled and said:

- “Kiss me, I'm Irish”


Chapter 9: Our little secret

There was the feeling again. The feeling of freaking out and losing my breath. I didn't know if I was brave enough to kiss him. Should I take that chance? We just sat there and looked at each other. Did he just ask me to kiss him? Should I do it? I didn't need to make that choice. He leaned over me and kissed me. His lips was soft and delicious. Was it really happening? It was the best thing that could happen ever. It was absolute fantastic. He opened his eyes and laid his forehead against mine. I loved the way he looked in my eyes. I made a big smile.

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