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The nameless village

En actionpreget fortelling. Hva synes dere om den?

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“Help me help” screamed Jill while running trough the hospital

“Come out my dear” said the man.


If you want to know the whole story we have to get 24 hours before this happened:

The day is Thursday the 12 mars 2020; it is four kids who are going for a new job inn NY. “Are we there son?” said Jill

“No I think the GPS is broke, the screen is frozen” said Mate.

“Wait I see it” said Dan.

”great I need a shower” said Gwen.

When they came to the village it was no one there…

It was a sign where it was writing: LEAVE.

“I don’t think this is New York” said Jill.

“Why does the town look so silence” said Gwen who started to be a little bit nervous?

“Look there it’s a shop, we can surly buy a map there or at least get some food”

Said Dan and Mate together.

 When they come in to the shop the all said.

“Oh my…” the shop was full of blood red like blood always is.

They were running out to the car while they screamed.

“Oh no my car, my beautiful car” screamed Mate.

The car was for no use anymore it was completely destroyed, the windows was beaked, the motor was chopped inn two and it was an annoying noise under the car.

“What is that sound” said Gwen. Jill looked under the car.

“RUN NOW!!!” screamed her.

Then the car said, “BOOM” the car exploded in many pieces.

“It was a bomb” told said Jill to her friends.

Mate started to cry “My car, Noooo” it was no way out it was only hours off walking to the next town. “Have to get home we can’t stay here to long” then they found some houses so they could rest to tomorrow

The next day Gwen went for a walk suddenly a shadow appeared inn the front of her. “What was that” said Gwen when she was a little bit nervous.


Meanwhile inn the room Gwen goes to the toilet to fix up her makeup.

“Ops I dropped the makeup” said Gwen right before a man appeared inn front of her and, thrower her inn a hockey bag and away it goes with her. When Dan was going to search for her he walked out to the shop “ouch” said Dan while a knife was stabbed inn his back.

Mate begins to worry about Jill and went to look for her.


Then suddenly a he turned around with a kick!

The man was behind him but Mate pushed hum behind and started to kick.

The man took an axe and started to chop after Mate, but then Mate figured out a plan to avoid it. He jumped behind him and kicked the hell out of him Mate started to run then he met Jill.

“Jill help he is coming, run” Jill trusted Mate and joined her.

They rand to the graveyard, when they arrived they screamed because of a bunch of dead body who just hanged from a tree then they rand to the shop where it suddenly was a big bunch of dead body behind the desk they screamed again and rand to their room.

And suddenly the man was behind them and stabbed Mate. Jill screamed and rand to the hospital…


“Help me help” screamed Jill while running through the hospital.

“Come out my dear” said the man, who stranded in the door. Jill rand to a random room where it was bombs Jill figured out to blow up the hospital to get rid of the mad man she set up the bombs she started to run, she ran to their room to find her friends living. Then they ran to a car Jill saw, they dived to a hospital while the hospital exploded.


24 hour later:

Pip pip pip pip pipipipipipip… Jill is waiting in the hospital the doctor is telling Jill that it is alright with her friends they survived… it is over… finally over.

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