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Native Americans

Oppgave om indianere i Nord-Amerika.

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The Indians or the native Americans is often remembered as characters in the old westernfilms. People think of terrible warriors who rode around on their horses with feathers i their hair, arrow and bow. But how were they really?


The native americans were not one nation, as many people belive. You must remember that America is a whole continent. There were native Americans all the way from Canada and Alaska in the North to the Andes-montains in the South. There were many nations with different history, culture and languages, just like the rest of the world. Some lived by fishing, others by farming or hunting.


The most known Indians are those who lived on the prairie. They were among the best horsemen on the earth. But they had not had the horse for a very long time. The horse came with the Europeans in 1519. Before that it was difficult to live on the praire because of missing water. Now the native Americans could ride far away for long distances.

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