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Greetings Mike!

A letter containing an unforgotten, devastating past between two dear friends. There seems to be a missing link.

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Greetings Mike,

long time no see! I can't believe it has only been a year since I left. I feel like it has been more like a decade. Well, I really hope everything is all right with you back at home. And the drug dealers, I hope you got rid of them. I am really sorry that I just escaped like this. But I had to, I really had no chance, I'd either been buried alive by them, or I would've had to pay them. We both knew that I hadn't that amount of money. But let's go over to another theme.


I can tell how I'm living, and how this year has been for me. I am now living with Shobina, my fiancé, who is Indian. That's right. I'm in India now. Remember when we talked about just escaping to India, from everything and everyone? Well, we're actually getting married in less than a month now in an Indian tradition. I'm really finding this Indian cult interesting and exciting. And you, of course, are invited.


This job I'm having, I'm drowning of all the hard work. Because my boss, is the hardest boss in whole India. Well (…) he's actually a really great boss, it's just how I feel. Maybe it's just because I'm having a really hard time right now. I am clean, but... I can't stop thinking about it. Every night, I'm having nightmares about that night we went through. When I wake up, I'm all sweaty, and my heart beats just as fast as I can remember it did when we had to run away from them. If there is anyone out there who can help me out of this, it is you. Just because I moved, it doesn't solve the problems I had. It comes with me. I could really need a friend right now.


Let's just look on the bright side. If you think about all that I went through, right now, it's kind of funny somehow. By getting here, I had to sneak into that cargo ship that went from Dillonham Shore all the way to India. I didn't know it went that far, but I was lucky though. I tried to hide as well as I could, but an Indian ship's man caught me. Actually, he seemed like a really nice man. And surprisingly he let me stay all the way to India under one condition. Guess what. Peeling potatoes. If there exists anything out there I hate more than peeling potatoes, I'd do that instead. I had to peel a whole sack of potatoes. This sack wasn't like the biggest one in the store. It couldn't be compared with that one. The biggest sack in the store was like a potato compared to that sack I had to peel. When I finally was done peeling that sack, I was so exhausted, and glad for finally being finished with it. But the Indian man came back and mumbled in Indian and gave me another sack. I don't want to talk about rest of the boat trip, but as you see, I arrived in India some potato sacks later, and the ship's man didn't turn out to be a nice man after all.


Arrival. Finally. I had fourteen bucks and the watch my father left me. And - the drugs. I didn't know what to do it with. I knew if I started again now, I would've been done. So I had to take a decision. I could sell it to some Indian children to save my own ass, or I could destroy it. Believe it or not, I destroyed it. That's something I haven't regretted on one single second. But I had to sell my father's watch though. Didn't get much, but I got enough to get a roof above me. I lived in a slum for a few weeks, until I managed to get a job on the fruit market. I worked upwards and got into higher possessions. The boss I have now, is the boss that offered me a job back then. As an economist. I applied, and got the job. I still felt that it was something I missed, then I met Shobina. I came with flowers to her every day, and kept surprising her with gifts all the time. I still do, but I'm just getting a bit tired of it, but I won't disappoint her. And I still feel like it is something missing in my life.


So, this turned out to be a funny, sad, and an exciting experience somehow. I could wish I could spend it with you. You know, I've tried to think my way of thinking, by thinking forward. And once I've done that, I want you in. I don't want you to come too late.


Mike, please write me back and tell me how you're doing. Just leave me a short message, just to know that you're still alive. I'm really worried about you.


I'm really looking forward seeing you at the wedding. Don't disappoint me like I did to you. You are really going to regret.


Best wishes,


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