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The Lawless

Rowan, en beryktet kriminell, blir jaktet av soldater.

Skrevet i 7. klasse.

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This is the legend of a lawless called Rowan. He lived and robed in the south of England about year 600. The rumors tells that he was only 20 years old when got hit by a arrow and died. This story is about that.


Rowan was riding trough the wood, it was dark and it rained. He could still hear the sound of hooves beating the ground. That did just confirm that the soldiers still followed him. The branches hit him in his face and made deep scratches on his skin and when the rain hit the scratches hurt, but that wasn't the most important.  Oh, no the most important thing was to get away. He watched in front of him. There it was a small path which was turning to the left. He didn’t even think before he stormed into the path. The dirt whirled up after Kervads hooves; Kervad was the name of Rowan’s horse.


Rowan looked quickly behind him the soldiers had some problems to get into the path but now they had got inside, but something was strange anyway They used to be ten, but now they was just eight. Someone was trying to get in front of him. And there the last two were right in front of him. He took out some throwing knifes and throw. He hit right in the head of a horse. The horse fell over the soldier and made the other horse fell down to. Kervad jumped easy over and continued running. “Good boy” Rowan whispered to Kervad. A few soldiers had stopped to help their friend. But two soldiers were still after. When Rowan looked in front of him an arrow hit him in the forehead. He fell of his horse and moaned softly. Then he got quit. The soldiers stopped and jumped of theirs horses. “He maybe was a lawless but he was proud of his life and deserves to be buried. With their swords they grow a deep burial. And lay him down with his sword and shield on his chest. Then they fill dirt over him.

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