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Om nordmenns fordommer om utlendinger.


It is in our genes and culture that there will always be people in our society are different. Unfortunately, there are also those in our midst who will humiliate and denigrate just about any oppressed individual or minority they can- the poor, Hispanics, Jews, Blacks, gays and lesbians, the homeless and of course the Muslims.


The people in the world are here to promote understanding and peace in the world. We must have equal rights for all citizens regardless of the race, colour, sex or political belief, and we should fight against dangerous evils of racism and racial prejudice.


The people in Norway do think this country is without prejudice. But I do not think it is. I can acknowledge that some people in Norway are very prejudicial. Maybe the Norwegian people don’t feel it themselves, but I as a foreign have many terrible experiences. Even in my school, not to mention my own class, I feel that people don’t want foreigners to be a part of the school.


Some of the Norwegian people think that everyone whom is from a foreign country is alike. Everyone from another country is a treat for the Norwegian people. Why, because they are different, because they do not have the same colour as Norwegians. This is what we call prejudice. Another problem is that people from another part of the world have a different culture or religion. I observe that some people associate with certain racial groups or overhearing others demanded by ethnic jokes. Especially the old ones in Norway are very afraid of us Pakistanis. Every time they see one of us they do think we are going to hurt them. Often when I am sitting in the subway, I do catch that people are vispering about foreigners, that they are so very bad and they do not know how to erect themselves. People talk about us all the time, but when we close they do not say much.


No one is born prejudiced. Around a child’s second birthday, they begin to notice the differences and similarities between themselves and others. Example in colour or other physical characteristics. Before long, their idea of what is "good" or "normal" becomes influenced primarily by the people around them- their parents relatives, other youngsters, and teachers.


At an age of 6 I already felt apart of the Norwegian kids.


Well first of all prejudice can have a big impact on people such as when their are blacks and whites involved. People can discriminate against such people making relationship between such groups intolerable. People also often discriminate because they do not want to admit that another "class" of people are far more intelligent, brilliant etc. I can admit that sometimes I have been prejudist against other people but I have overcome that now. The conclusion is that people have to love each other for the way they are, and not for the way they look or act. All that matters in a person is how they are inside. And that includes thoughts and the way of solving things that happen around you and other people.

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