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Lost to the world

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I saw as he held my mother’s soul in his hands. It was barely glowing the way it should, the red/Purple lovely light faded slowly until it was just a dark red stone that once was a soul. No… why? This wasn’t real, In what world did I deserved this? All the hardship I have gone Trough, all that was coming. Why couldn’t there be anyone in this forsaken universe that I knew and trusted no matter what, too hold me and say that I would pull trough as I always did.         


“How could you! Why didn’t you say anything? Why didn’t you give me time!?” I felt the tears whelming up like I was going to drown. It had been so long since I cried it hurt my eyes. He mumbled something in the forsaken language, and the dead soul disappeared with a gray light, my body became overwhelmed with sadness and despair. He looked at my face and straight into my eyes. There was no regret or sadness inn him only worry for me, if my soul changed because of this, he would lose his happiness. Because it was my wild happy carefree personality that put a smile on the face of the devil, whom was the most selfish being that ever existed, and would not care about others as long he was happy.

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