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Muntlig presentasjon om bandets suksess.

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Who was A-ha.

A-ha was a Norwegian pop group which was formed in 1982 with the members Magne Furuholmen (keyboards, guitar, vocal), Paul Savoy (guitar, vocal) and Morten Harket (vocal). And the biggest hit for a-ha was “take on me”.



The band's debut album Hunting High and Low was recorded in Eel Pie Studio in London. First came the single Take on Me. Singing and innovative animated music video was a contributing cause of the breakthrough. a-ha is the only Norwegian band that has gone to the top of the U.S. official single list (Billboard). This happened with "Take on Me" in October 1985.


The Hits.
A-ha had many top hits:

- Take on me
- Hunting high and low
- Sun always shine on t.v.
- Foot of the mountain
- Stay on These Roads
- Cry wolf

And Much more hits.


The Break.

Various solo projects from band members started to come and rumors spread that the band was dissolved. They came together to play the concert in honor of the Nobel Peace Award in 1998. This concert was the first of four and a half years. They performed two songs, "Summer Moved On" and "The Sun Always Shines on TV". With the concert was Per Lindvall on drums, Sven Lindvall on bass guitar and and Kjetil Bjerkestrand on keyboards.


The Grammy award.
They have received the “The Grammy award” (Spellemannprisen) nine times, and among other things, been the Year Grammy in 1985, and received the jury award honors three times. The band had in 2000 sold more than 36 million music albums internationally.


In October 1985, arrived a-ha on that big American Billboard single chart with the song "Take On Me" and it was the only Norwegian band ever to come into list.

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