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Are you my girl?

Dødsfall og uventede familierelasjoner. En historie jeg skrev på tentamen.

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The rain was pouring down. It was dark and already late at night. He was looking forward to coming home and changing into dry clothes. Then suddenly he saw something among the trees. What on earth was that? What was going on?


He stopped the car and opened the door slowly. It seemed to be some kind of a light, or not just one light, but several blinking lights. He stepped out of the car and started to walk against the blinking lights. At least that’s what he thought, what he really was walking against was his wife. Not here soul, but here body. The rain had already made him wet, but now he was completely soaked. The closer he got the more he could se.


When he was standing just a few meters away from the blinking lights he realised what it was. The ambulance looked like any other ambulance, but to him it was special. He could remember the number on the side from when his mother died like it was yesterday. But today it was 20 years since she died, on the day. The boy (Jacob) was six years back then. I’m shore you can find out how old he is now. “ID?” someone asked.


“Jane Manly, 24 years old. She was young. I get this feeling I’m next when young people die. Don’t you?” Jacob stared on his wife body. His heart was in his throat, ready to pop out. It felt like one of that “out of body” experience, if you know what I mean. “Do you think we can save her?” The first guy asked.

“No, her body is completely ruined. Time of death: 23:49.” The other guy seemed sad. But not as sad as Jacob was.


“I’m sorry, Jacob.” Mrs Manly were standing behind him, she didn’t seem to be sad even though her daughter just died. The funeral wasn’t in Jacobs mind anymore, it was over now anyway. Her life and his life were over to, but there was one other life that wasn’t over in the Manly family. A little girl.


Someone knocked on the door. “Who is it?” Jacob shouted from the bedroom – the only place he is for these days-.

“The child welfare.” The people said.

“You must be wrong, I don’t have any children.” He shouted to them. He just wanted to be alone.

“I think you do Mr Manly. Isn’t that you’re name?” Jacob was wondering. He didn’t have any children. Mrs Manly died in a car accident for three mounts ago.

“No, I don’t.” He shouted and dragged himself out of the bed. He opened the door and looked at the Child welfare. There were two women who seemed to be twins. They both had the same ugly faces and the same tiny bodies.

“What do you want?” He said to them.

“Can we come in?” The ugliest of them said.

“Shore, but I’m going back to bed.” He said and went straight to his bedroom.

“Do you remember when you’re wife was in Italy with her job?” One of them asked. Jacob stopped and looked at them.

“Yes, why?” He asked like he didn’t care.

“She was away for seven months. Isn’t that right?” The other women asked.

“Yes.” He said a little bit more interested now.

“That wasn’t what she were doing, was it?”


“Any calls?” Jacob shouted to the reception. He was a lawyer, so he was busy a lot, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t take care of his daughter.

“No, expecting anything?” The annoying girl in the reception said.

“Yes, from the Child welfare.” He said happier the ever.

“You don’t have a child.” She said.

“Yes, I do. Her name is Maria, my wife gave birth to her when she was on her “business-trip” to Italy. I just didn’t know about her.” He said to her.


“It has gone an entire month now and I want to see my little girl now. Can’t they just call me now?” Jacob was angry now. The Child welfare told him that they would call him in a few days, but now it has been a month.

“Jacob?” The reception girl shouted.

“Yes, what do you want?” He said a little bit grumpier then he used to.

“The Child welfare is on line one.”


“Daddy, where’s my teddy bear?” Jacob’s little girl was now five years and she already talk English and Italian. Her name is Maria Manly and she and Jacob is living in London with Jacob’s new wife, the reception girl.

“Are you my little girl, Maria?”

“Yes I am!”

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