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King Alice

Arthur feels like Kay's slave. He's constantly pushed around. But one day, under a tournament something exciting happens. Kay send him to get him the sword he managed to forget, and when he can't find his sword at home he goes out looking for another.

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“Get me my sword!” Kay yelled.
His voice turned high pitched and he looked at his father with puppy dog eyes.
His father then looked at Arthur and commanded him to get Kyle a sword.


Kay was a spoiled boy, maybe 19 years old or so. He wasn’t very nice to Arthur, he was always yelling and commanding him to do stuff.
His father didn’t care, and let Kay do what he wanted to.


And now, he had forgotten his sword. They were at a tournament, and the person who won, would become the new king of England.


At first, they tried to find the king by making men pull the old kings sword out of a huge stone.
Everyone who tried failed.


“Why do I have to get it?”
“Kay forgot it, he can find it himself!” Arthur yelled.
“Of course I can’t! I’m the knight!” Kay yelled back.


“Boys, Stop it!”
“Arthur, you are going to get Kay’s sword, even if you want or not.” Victor yelled, Victor was Kay’s father and Arthur’s stepfather.


Arthur started walking, it was a 20 minutes’ walk home.
If he wasn’t back in time he knew he was going to get beaten up.


Arthur was finally back in their little house, he started looking for Kay’s sword. Kay was always so messy, and he wasn’t that good taking care of his things.

Arthur couldn’t find Kay’s sword anywhere, he looked and looked, no sword found.
Eventually, he gave up.
He started asking other people, if he could borrow a sword from them, but they all needed their own swords because of the tournament.


Suddenly, he saw a stone, it was a huge stone with a sword in it.
Maybe Kay could use that sword! Arthur smiled for himself.
He climbed up on the slippery stone and started pulling the sword out of the stone, but it just wouldn’t move.


He tried and tried, so much he fell down from the huge stone and landed on top of a girl.
The girl looked frightened until she saw that it was only a little boy, who landed on top of her.
Arthur quickly climbed of her and apologized for himself.
He was a polite boy, and polite boys doesn’t just harm others and ignore it afterwards.


“It’s really okay” The girl said and smiled.
“I’m Alice!” She continued with a huge smile.


“Hi, I’m Arthur” Arthur smiled back at the girl.
She was about Arthur’s age, he was 15.


“I saw you were having trouble with pulling out that sword” She said and smiled some more.
Arthur laughed and replied with a yes.
She laughed some more to, Arthur thought she was nice, for a girl.
Her hair was long and black, and her eyes was in a really light color of blue.
She was pretty.


“Let me try” She said.
“Try what?”
“Let me try to pull out the sword” She said again
“But you, you-y, you’re a girl!” Arthur said, as it was a bad thing.


“Is that a fear reason to not let me try?” She yelled, angry.
“Of course not! Go on, try then”

She climbed on top of the rock and pulled out the sword easily like the stone was made out of butter.


“How did you do that?” “And why are you here?” Arthur asked.
“I’m here because my mom didn’t let me come to the tournament, and I don’t know how I did that.” She replied.
Arthur gaped.


“Here is your sword…” She said, just to break Arthur’s silence.
“It’s yours, it’s not my right to take.” Arthur said.
He had read the inscription in the stone, and this was written: “The person who pull the sword out of the stone is the new king of England.”


There it was, written in stone.

“We have to take this sword to my step dad, Victor, he’ll tell us what to do” Arthur said, serious.


Alice didn’t say a word, she just followed Arthur.


“Arthur, you’re late!”
“Victor, look at this sword.” Arthur said calmly.
“This girl, Alice, pulled it out of the stone.” Arthur continued.


“She did…What?” Victor asked
“You heard what I said.” Arthur replied
“A girl? A female pulled the sword out of a stone?” Victor was terrified.
And then he just walked away.
He started talking with other, discussing what they should do about what they called “This tragic case”.


Half an hour later, Victor came back with another man. He had found the answer.
“You’ll become the next king-“
“Queen” the man who stood beside him corrected him.
“Well, well, queen then.” Victor continued.
“If you win this tournament” He continued again.


“This is not fair!” Arthur yelled.
He knew Victor thought that Alice never could win that tournament just because she was a girl.
Arthur also knew that any man who was able to pull the sword out of the stone would become king instant.


“She’s a girl, Arthur, what more can you expect?” Victor asked patronizing
“I’ll win the tournament!” Alice said angry.



The tournament started, and people began to cheer on the knights. Alice used the old king’s sword and had a beautiful armor.


When it was Alice’s turn no one cheered but only Arthur. He was happy for Alice and really hoped she would win this.


She sat on a beautiful black horse, she looked so proud.
Alice commanded the horse to run, the other knight who was a man, did the same.
This was the winner of the tournament, the manly winner, and if Alice won over him, she would be the new king of England (or queen).

The horse ran towards each other, fast.
The two knights fought like there was no tomorrow. Suddenly, one of them fell of the horse.
It was the man! Alice was the new queen or king of England!
Everyone cheered, they’d finally found their queen.
And for Arthur? He married Alice, and they got two children.
Alice made a new law that made it easier for women to get jobs.
Everything went pretty good for England.

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