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Lucid dreaming

En artikkel om bevisst drømming. Har du lyst til å huske drømmene dine?

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Have you ever woken up in the morning, thinking: “I’ve dreamt all night, but I can’t seem to remember anything.” Well how would you like to learn an technique that will help you dream every night and even remember your dreams?


During each day you learn new things. When you’re in school or at work your brain works hard to either memorize or learning new things. Every word that you hear, every face you see or every experience you make, your brain will go through different cycles to memorize it. One of these cycles happens when you sleep.


Rapid eye movement

While you sleep, your brain goes through “REM” or “rapid eye movement” sleep. The REM effect occupy about 20-25% of a grown persons sleep. Basically, under this effect your brain goes through everything you have done the time before you go to sleep.


What does “lucid dreaming” mean?

The expression Lucid Dream basically means: “dreaming while you’re aware of it.” I’m a 100% sure that you have experienced this, but with a simple technique, that will require a little bit patient and exercise, you will learn how to control your dreams every night. Flying, walking on water, running fast like lightning, anything you’d like is possible, the only challenge is getting into this state.



Before I’ll teach you step by step on how to do this, I want to warn you about what kinds of bad things that may happen. Some people actually wants to stop having dreams like this, because they might give you nightmares. Sometimes, under this state you will dream about your own room, but you won’t be able to move at all, you will be completely paralyzed. There is a lot of reports on people that dream about demons or ghosts inside their room, either bothering them or just sitting there, watching you sleep. This doesn’t happen to people that haven’t been bothered with nightmares before. So if you is experiencing nightmares, you can stop anytime you want. Also, if you’re stressed or having a bad day, you don’t want to go into the lucid dream effect, because you’re thinking to much about bad things. This may cause bad dreams.


Now, I’ll teach you step by step on how to do this:

- Lie on your back with your hands lying straight down alongside your body.

- Look straight up in the ceiling with your eyes open.

- Breathe slowly and keep your heartbeats slow.

- Wait about 20-30 minutes and it’ll start.


This will trick your brain to think that your body/eyes are asleep, and your brain will go into REM. This won’t hurt your body at all. (there is more techniques to do this)


But how do you remember your dreams?

I’ll give you two steps on how to remember your dreams.


- Ask yourself on different times of the day: “Am I dreaming?” You’ll make this a habit and your brain will start asking itself this question during sleep.

- Write down or keep a “dream-diary” where you write down your dreams. Write down everything you remember, colours, persons, every single detail!


Now, you should be able to lucid dream every single night. Remember, lucid dreaming have its goods and bads, so be careful. But of course experiment with it!

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