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Du er her: Skole > Remember, beauty is only skin deep

Remember, beauty is only skin deep

Vi møter Sarah. Ei vakker jente med en trøblete oppvekst og en rotløshet i seg.

Engelskeksamen 2010. Oppgave 3c.

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She was the prettiest girl in the class. Her hair was long, straight and blonde. She had green beautiful eyes, and a smile that could melt Alaska. She was 1.60 tall and was wearing a tiny skirt and a hot pink top. She had perfect curves, and when she bend down you could clearly see her light pink panties. Her name was Sarah.


The other girls always bullied her and called her a whore. What they didn’t know about Sarah is that she was orphan. Her parents were dead. The other girls didn’t know that she was adopted. In her childhood, her parents had been taking drugs and drinking. They often beat Sarah because she cried, and every night she had been begging for her mom to get sober. In an age of six, her parents had died of an overdose of heroin. Sarah had been put into an orphanage. She started school, and by an age of seven she got adopted by Mr and Mrs Swan. They changed her name, and she where now called Sarah Olivia Swan.


Now back to where we left off. When Sarah went to Junior High School, she often got forced to have sex with the boys in 10th grade. Her new family didn’t care very much about her at all, and she got her first baby at an age of 14. The baby died when it was a month old, and it was the most horrifying moment of her life. She had been much away from school because of the baby, and now she had lost half a year of school. Sarah’s mind was truly messed up. She was starving at school, and she had to sit all night long to catch up on school, and she barely slept. After a month she was so exhausted that she couldn’t sit at her desk at school. The school sent her to a doctor. The doctor said that Sarah needed sleep. It was the only thing that could help.

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