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Adolf Hitler

Manus til muntlig presentasjon om Hitler fra oppvekst frem til andre verdenskrig.

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Adolf Hitler , «the father of the Nazism» was born in Braunau in Austria.


As a young boy he was a good student and in every school he attended, his teachers were satiesfied with him, but afterwards he losts his desire to work according to his teachers. He dropped out of school when he was 16. without any exam results.


Hitler dreamed about being a famous painter, but he was rejected from an application of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna because he was not good enough.


When Hitler was 20 he moved to Wien where he became inflneced by several people and it was then he got idea of a superior Aryan race.


When Hitler took part at the outbreak of World war II, the German labour party got to know him.


His incredible abilities of speeches were discovered , and afterwards he became a chairman, and this was the beginning of his political career.


In 1924 he was jailed and charged with trying to carry a coup, because he and some few men were armed and making speeches in Munchen.


Sentenced to five years in prison, but was released after nine month. While he was jailed, he wrote the book “Mein kampf” (my fight) Nazims “holybook


The book is about Hitlers political ideolgy, about how much hitler hated jewish, that the jewish were not worth more than trash.


Hitlers dreame about «lebensraum»(livsrom) that the east and the west Germany should be united.


In 1930 Hitler became a chancellor and had the power of Germany, he could now rule the whole country. This is the start of hatred against Jews and Jews persecution.


Hitler and the Nazis believed that the Jews were both behind capitalism and communism. There were also those who got the blame for Germany losing World war I.


Hitler believed that only the Aryan race (ariske rase) were worth something.


His hatred had terrible consequences. Hitler was amazing and incredible at speech an  convinced the German people quiclkly that the Jews had to be destroyed and should be exterminated.


BOYCOTT DAY: The nazi goverment organized a nationwide boycott day. They should boycott all the jewish buisness. All the jews who worked in the state or municipality were faired.


In 1935 the «Nurnberglaws» was made. One of the laws, “laws on the citizens of the kingdom”, concerned the citizens, that only the German people belonged in Germany.


Entering into marriage between jews and the nations of German or related blood was forbidden. But this was not good enough for Hitler and the Nazis since they hated the jews that much, even though the population grew.


In poland there were a lot of jewish inhabitantes which were a big problem for the Nazis, and they had to solve it. They managed it through jewish ghettoes.


Jewish ghettoes: They were locked in a district with only Jewish. In Warzsawa more than 500.000 jews were locked together under inhumanety living conditions. «the final solutions « what started as a racial segregation policy would aoon develop into something worse.


Nazism solutions also known as «the Eurpean jews question» was a plan to kill everyone of them, to eradicate them all. Jews from all over Europe were sent to the extermination camps, the most Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec and many other.


The camps were created in Germany and the countries occupied, to exterminate awll the jews.


In summer 1941, German industry the gas Zyklon B was tried in Aushwitz. It was tested on 250 patiens from the hospital and the concentretions of 600 Russian prisoners. Afterward many jews were quickly gassed to death. In 1942% were killed by Zyklon B gas.


When the Jews came to the camps, they had to undress and give everything they owned to the camps. They were told to take a shower. When thet got into this «shower», they were gassed. Only a few got to love if they could work. Some of them could be subjected to terrible medical experiments and other forms of abuse. Almost every day 6,000 people were gassed. The figure could be doubled when prisoners came by train, train prisoners.


Those who declared themself useful, were not killed but sent to work immedialtely. Women, children, sick and old people were sent to gas chambers becasue they were »unuseful» When the doors were opened, one was faced with a terrible sight. The dead victim were found half-sitting. Most were pink, while the others were covered whit green spots. Some had foam on their lips, while others were bleading form the nose. Many had open eyes.


Around six million Jews were killed and one million children.

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