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Christmas at the hospital

Fortelling om en gutt som må feire jul på sykehus.

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Lucas was six years old, and had been at the hospital for the last two months. His skin was very pale and the blond, curly hair he once had, was gone. The doctors at the hospital had promised him that he could celebrate Christmas at home with his family, but recently the cancer he had in his stomach had spread to his lungs and back. Lucas’ family had been told that the doctors feared that Lucas wouldn’t survive until Christmas, or not even until Advent begun. Because his body couldn’t stand more cytotoxin, and then there was nothing that could stop the cancer from disperse to his vital organs.


Lucas had just woke up and felt weak. He had to do his daily blood test and take the necessary pills. He managed to walk the hallway back and forth once, to increase the blood circulation in his body. The rest of the day, Lucas just laid in his sickbed, watched a bit television and tried to get some sleep. In the afternoon, Lucas’ mother, father and older brother visited him. They had brought a present to him since it was December 1 and Advent had just begun. After an hour they had to go because Lucas needed to rest. They gave him a big hug and told him that they would visit him every day until Christmas. 

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