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A dog's life - Spirits story

En hund blir mishandlet av eieren sin. Han rømmer og blir reddet.

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I felt a stinging pain in my stomach as my owner, master and leader kicked me hard.


«Stupid dog!» he yelled as tears floated down his cheeks.


He smelled weird, like corrupted apples and bread mixed together. He kicked me again, harder if possible this time, the only thing I could feel now was pain. He continued the kicking until I laid there unconscious on the floor.


I ran as fast as I could. My long coat was filtered with dirt and stained blood. My foot was badly hurt, I couldn't take this anymore. I heard shots being fired behind me.


«Come fucking back here!» he yelled. I hated that yelling. I ran faster and faster, my body was now hurting so bad I collapsed in the grass, and then everything went all black again.



I heard a soft whining from the high grass, I couldn't help it, I just had to take a look. It sounded like a baby crying, or more like a dog, a hurt dog. I followed the sound, suddenly a figure appeared in front of me.


It was a dog, a large dog, he had a long coat, I bet it would be beautiful, if he wasn't that dirty. He was covered in shit and blood, he was in a really bad shape, even I could tell that.


Oh god, he was so skinny, his ribs stood out. I picket him up slowly, trying to not hurt him. It was very clear, this dog had to go to the veterinary, an animal hospital. Fast.


I picked up my phone and dialed my aunt's number, she was the only one who would help me in this situation. I was kind of invisible to the rest of my family.


It rang for what felt like hours. I sat down in the grass with the dog resting on my lap. His heavy breathing told me that I had to handle quickFinally, she picked up.


«Hello, Amy!» She said, she sounded so happy.

«Could you please help me?» I said, sobbing with tears running down my cheeks.

«What's wrong, sweetie?» My aunt said, with a worry in her voice.

«I found this dog, he's hurt, and he needs medical attention. I need to help him!» I almost yelled now.

«Calm down, Amy. I'll come and help you. Where are you?»

I gave her my location, and she told me that she was on her way.


Soon I heard a car and she came running out.

«Amy, take that poor thing in the car, we're going to the veterinary right now!»

Without a word I sat in in the car, with the dog on my lap I felt that everything would be all right. Maybe my father would let me keep him, maybe I finally could have a friend.


We arrived the hospital half and hour later, the dog was still breathing heavily. A veterinary soon came to take care of him, and all I could do now was wait. It felt like days, or maybe months, the sterile clean smell at the animal-hospital was sickening. I felt like I was about to throw up when the nurse finally came and gave us the news.


«He's gonna make it. This one has spirit,» she said, smiling over the good news she could give us.

«A few days into observation and he'll be just fine.»

We thanked her and went home, I had to talk to my father, I could not leave this dog without a home.


He was a collie, he was a he, and a collie. Lassie-dog, as my little sister called it. He was now running happily around in our backyard, his long thick coat had grown beautifully. The best thing was that I could keep him, my stepmother was of course against it, but she couldn't decide that. My father had the last word, and he said yes. Well, he didn't care.. He was always on a business trip or something.


He looked really happy, the dog. He. I hadn't named him, yet. Before now, of course. He was a fighter, he's got spirit. Spirit, I could name him Spirit, that was a good name.


«Spirit...» I said softly. I could see Spirit pointing his ears in my direction as I whispered his new name. You couldn't yell at him, he was too sensitive.


But I knew now, that everything would be all right, the loneliness I felt was growing smaller, and I'd finally gotten a friend, and this one would never hurt me. I knew as long as Spirit was happy, I would be.

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