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British Literature - "Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë

Fakta og tolkningstekst i engelsk. Tentamensoppgave fra 2010 om Jane Eyre.

Karakter: 5+ (8. klasse)

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Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre is a novel from the 19th Century that is written by Charlotte Brontë. The story begins in England. Jane lives with her aunt, Mrs. Reed, and her three cousins. Jane’s parents died when she was a baby, therefore her uncle and aunt took care of her. When Mr. Reed died, Mrs. Reed had to take care of her. Jane’s cousins were very mean to her and they threaded very unkind. Jane was “the bad kid” in the house.


After a big fight with her oldest cousin, John, she is sent to the red-room; the room where her uncle died. Jane really hates that room and she is very scared of it. When she is in the room, she thinks she sees the ghost of her uncle. As a result, she passes out. When she awakes, she is in her bedroom with the doctor, Mr. Lloyd, and the maid, Bessie. Mr. Lloyd tells Jane that she is well, but she needs to go to a school called Lowood. Jane, however, is happy to go. But, that changes as son as she arrives the school: the school is old, cold, too small for all the girls, they don’t have much food or not even clothes that fit. After some days at Lowood, she gets a friend, Helen Burns. Helen is some years older than Jane, but they become great friends.


When a terrible illness comes to Lowood, Helen gets sick. And when she dies, Jane is alone again. But, the principal get fired and some new and liberal gentlemen buys Lowood, and the school becomes a better place for both students and teachers. Jane stays there for eight years.


One day, Jane receives a letter from a Mrs. Fairfax from Thornfield Hall. Jane is wanted as governance for a little French girl called Adele. Jane immediately goes to Thornfield Hall. There, she teaches Adele to speak, read and write English. After some months at Thornfield, Jane takes a walk. She collides with a man on a horse. He falls down and Jane helps him up on his horse again. Jane thought this man was very interesting and handsome. When she arrives Thornfield, Mrs. Fairfax is very happy because Mr. Rochester, the man who owns Thornfield Hall, has returned. When Jane meets him, she recognizes him. It was the man she met earlier! Jane and Mr. Rochester become great friends.


The night Mr. Rochester came home, Jane heard some strange noises outside her room. A scary and evil laughter. Jane gets very scared and she asks Mrs. Fairfax the next morning. Mrs. Fairfax tells Jane about Grace Poole; a strange woman who works at Thornfield too. She walks in the corridors at night, anyway, Mrs. Fairfax don’t know why.


One night, Jane hears that strange laugh again. This time Jane goes out in the hall. She hears something that sound like a fire. She goes down to Mr. Rochester’s room and goes in. He’s bed is on fire! Jane hurries and tries to wake him up. She finds a bucket with water and throws it on his bed. Mr. Rochester wakes and tries to put out the fire with Jane. Finally, the fire is gone. Mt. Rochester thanks Jane for saving his life.


After some months, Mr. Rochester invites all his friends to a party. Jane finds this one woman very interesting: Blanche Ingram. Blanche is in love with Mr. Rochester. A Mr. Mason from the West Indies also comes to Thornfield, but he wasn’t invited.


Jane has began to get used to the noises at night. But one night, it’s a lot different. Jane hears screams. And like all the other guests at Thornfield; she goes out in the corridor and wondering what was happened. However, Mr. Rochester assures that nothing had happened. Still, he looks at Jane with fair and when de others has gone to bed, he asks for her to come with him. They go up were Grace Poole lives and there on the bed, lies Mr. Mason. He was stabbed in the chest and was bleeding very much. Mr. Rochester asks Jane to sit with Mr. Mason, while Mr. Rochester get the doctor. Mr. Rochester tells Mr. Mason to not speak. So, Jane sits with him all night without saying a word. When the morning comes, Mr. Rochester finally comes back with the doctor. Jane doesn’t get to know what happened to Mr. Mason.


After some moths, Jane receives a letter form her aunt, Mrs. Reed. She is very ill and she wants Jane to come. Jane travels back to her old home. Many unwanted memories comes to her when she arrives. When Jane talks to her aunt, she gets to know about a letter that Mrs. Reed got from Jane’s uncle John Eyre. Ha wanted Jane to come and live with him in Madeira. But the letter was three years old and her aunt told him that Jane was dead, anyways.


When her aunt dies, Jane goes back to Thornfield. Before Jane leaved, Mrs. Fairfax told her that Mr. Rochester and Blanche Ingram was going to get married soon. Jane got a little upset about that, and when she talks to Mr. Rochester about it, he purposes to her. Jane can’t believe it, but she says yes.

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