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Why, or why not to study the play of “Romeo and Juliet”

Debattartikkel på engelsk om Romeo & Juliet.

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“Romeo and Juliet” is a play about a girl and a boy, from lifelong enemy families, that fall in love and get married in secret. Romeo kills Juliet’s cousin to take revenge for the death of his friend that Juliet’s cousin caused. Romeo gets banished from Verona. Romeo’s friend, the friar gives Juliet drugs to appear dead, and escape an arranged marriage. That way she can be with Romeo when he returns. The friar sends a letter to Romeo telling him about it, but Romeo never gets the letter. Then Romeo returns, sees Juliet in her vault, and believes she is dead. Romeo drinks poison and dies, then Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo dead, and kills herself.


You should study “Romeo & Juliet”, because in the way Shakespeare wrote it we get to know the culture he was living in. Where family honor and loyalty to your family was two important phenomenon’s, we see it by the way Romeo and Juliet can’t see each other because they have to set they’re family honor and loyalty in front of their deep love for each other. We also get to know the way they spoke under the time when England was under Elisabeth I authority, and it can be interesting finding out the modern English meaning of the Elizabethan English. Even though “Romeo & Juliet” is written in a really different time and culture we can still recognize the same problematic cases in our time, because even today in the 21th century many love birds or basically someone who wants to be friends can’t be together today on the basics of religious, cultural and racial backgrounds. In that way “Romeo and Juliet” is timeless, and it’s world known and comes up in many conversations, movies and books in our time. Another reason for studying “Romeo & Juliet” is that we learn valuable moral lessons from it, like; don’t get blinded by hate and labels mean nothing. If Romeo’s and Juliet’s families would have stood up to those moral lessons there would not be a tragic ending.


But in the other hand, why waste time figuring out Elizabethan English when there so much other  interesting stuff to study out there. “Romeo & Juliet” is not even realistic, firstly they’re just two teenagers and they die for each other after only knowing each other in four days. How realistic is that? How come that they are ready to die for one another when they hardly knew each other for four days, how well do you get to know a person in that time? Not much, I’ll tell you. And the way they conversations unfold, so romantic and poetic, just makes you want to puke! Some of the scenes are so tragic you want to bang your head against the wall, like the scene where Rome almost gets the letter. And you’re like “Yes, he is going to get the letter and get informed that Juliet’s not really dead” but no. He oversees it. And how Juliet wakes up right after that Romeo drinks the poison, it really drives you crazy. Doesn’t it? No matter what, it’s another dumb love story with a tragic ending. Not worth studying at all.


In the end, “Romeo and Juliet” is a world known piece of art that turns up in many cases today, but it’s enough just knowing the plot of it. It’s not worth wasting your time studying it deeply.


In my opinion, “Romeo and Juliet” is worth knowing about, and reading. Just to get an insight in the famous work of Shakespeare, study the interesting Elizabethan English and learn a couple of moral lessons that can come in hand sooner or later in life.

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