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The Heroin Bridge

Gutten som er lei av det vanlige livet blir presset av sin kompis til å prøve heroin.

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This was it. I could not change my mind now. All of a sudden I was not so sure – Did I really want to do this? Well, I had to do it. I could not disappoint all the people that had turned up to watch me. Maybe I shouldn't do this. Heroin. Needle. Vein. I thought Derek was my friend, not a dealer.

The day he came to me and said – I have heroin, wanna try it? ' I didn't answer. He continued – Sara, do you remember her? She's coming to the bridge behind the forest and the city, with some people. She said, she can be your girl friend if you try heroin.' I'm confused. Sara? Heroin? What?! Sara was the most beautiful woman a man could ever meet. She was smart, had green eyes and black, long hair. Everybody loved her, but she.. She won't have a boyfriend. I heard that she was a kind of school freak. Homework, homework, homework.

Suddenly I could hear Derek slamming the front door. My mobile phone rang. - Yeah?' I asked.
- Hey! Wanna come over? ' I heard Emily's voice. Emily was in love with me. Uh. We were together from day one at high school. But now, I'm bored. Blue eyes, always smiling, and her rabbit teeth. And when she laughs. I feel tired and sick. - No Emily. I must sit home and do my homework right now.' I heard her laugh. - Do your what? You have never done your homework.' Can't she just stop talking and die, please God. - Nice try honey. Come over now.' she continued. I just hang up and began to think about tomorrow.

I woke up in my bed. Is it over? No, I still live. What happened yesterday? Yes, Emily rang me and I fell asleep. - Michael! Derek rang and said that he's waiting for you on the bridge.' I heard my mom from the kitchen. I dressed myself, and ran out. It rained. After 5minutes I got up to the bridge.

Now, I'm standing here. The crowd is standing around me. I have a syringe with heroin I my right hand, and I'm holding Sara hand in my left. Derek looks at me at begin to scream – Come on! Do it! For Sara!


Everybody wanna try it! Come on Michael!', I feel small behind all these people. Au. It hurts. I feel the needle in my vain. I'm dizzy. I hear music is slamming, I see a pink dinosaur, Sara is green. Au, someone pushed me? I believe I can fly. Tender. Where is light? I hear my mother crying. What, what happened?! My mind is screaming. Tinfoil in my pocket. What? I feel tired.


I feel dead. The silence. Where is everybody? Sara? Derek?

My head, it hurts. Emily? What she's doing here? Where am I?

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