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A story about a boy and a girl

En ferieflørt med en drømmegutt, som også viser seg å være drømmegutten til ei annen jente.

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One winter a girl, named Angela, got a trip to Spain with her family. They got one week, and durring the trip she saw two interesting guys. Both at age 14-16, the first guy she met was on the same airport, airplane and bus. But not the same hotel, otherwise the other guy was on the same hotel, they got a great eyecontact, but none of the dared to talk to eachother.


After the vacation, Angela wished she had had the guts to talk to him. When she was home, in her room, she tried to find him on facebook. She added alot of guys who looked the same. After a week, one guy, named Oliver, that she had added, started talking to her. Angela answered everytime, and after a while they got eachothers phonenumber, and they talked almost everyday. It developed to a long distance relationship after a while.


When the snow started to melt, Angela decided to take the train to Oliver, who lived in London. The train took two hours, but she did it anyway. But she never told her parents, they thought she was at a friends place.


Angela missed the first train, so she waited one hour for the next one. When she got to London, Oliver hadn't come yet. She stood there, totally alone. Suddenly Oliver is right in front of her, and he gives her a hug. There are tree friends of Oliver that had stalked him, because they wanted to she Angela, tree girls of course.


When the clock started to get close to six Angelas train was about to go, they went up to the station. But after a while, she falls asleep on Olivers shoulder, and wake up when two half-drunken guys came and asked if the train had gone. But then they realist that you had to take the bus to the train. So they went down to the bus, and stood in a line. But then Angela wanted to stay longer, and said; «I can be here one hour more, if you want to?» in a really flirty way. A quick «yes!» came from Olivers mouth with a big smile!


So they went up to the town again. They were holding hands, and Angela couldn't do anything but smile, she was so happy! When the clock was eight, her bus were supposed to go, so they went down to the station again.


They stood in a line, waiting for Angelas turn to get in the bus, and they stood there talking. When it became Angelas turn, she was on her way to give him a goodbye-hug, but Oliver kissed her istead. Angela was so nervous, it was here first kiss, and she withdrew. But then he tried again, and Angela kissed quick back, and almost tripped into the bus. Everyone was looking, but she didn't care; She was inlove!


When she got in the bus, she looked out of the window after Oliver, he stood by a machine, and bought tickets home to himself. She hadn't felt this way about anyone before, she was going crazy about him.


When they got home, they talked together on MSN. He was as always sweet, calling her cute things. It went three weeks, before Angela got to go to London again, without her parents knowing. She didn't care if she got hurt, she would do everything for him.


But this time Angela had here cousin Lisa with her, because she spent her easter holiday with Angela. So on a saturday, they went to meet Oliver. They saw him standing there, waiting for them. Angela got a big smile on her face the moment she saw him.


They had a great time as always, laughing and talking about everything. It started to get late, and it was time to say goodbye. Oliver gave Angela a kiss, and said goodbye for now. Angela smiled all the time, he was the greatest guy she had ever met! Lisa was so glad for Angela had finally found someone who treated her good.


They kept talking on the phone and cumputer as always. Oliver promised to come in the summer, and Angela couldn't wait for him to come so she could show all of her friends what a great guy hi was.


But one sunday, when Oliver was sleeping his cousin was on his facebook, talking with Angela. She said Oliver always was talking about her, about how much he missed her, how pretty and perfect she was. But then Angela got his passport, she couldn't resist checking his inbox. But she shouldn't have done it, 'cause she found out that he was talking with another girl.


The moment Oliver got on MSN, Angela confronted him. But he said that she was only a friend, nothing more. And that Angela was the only one he wanted. Angela believed it, and apologized for accusing him. And everything was okay again.


But Angelas friends was in doubt that she was only a friend, so she desided to look the girl up on facebook, and ask her. But she didn't get the answer she wanted.. Oliver had another girl, Angela got depressed immediatly. Oliver told the truth to her, finally.


Angela got so bad, she wouldn't eat, she couldn't sleep, got headache of all the thinking, and she almost fainted in the gym. The next day, so went home from school, she got to bed early and cryied all the time.


But she still loved him, and always will. He meant the world to her, and she couldn't forget him. She could forgive him, anytime. But that was the end. But mayby, sometime in the future, they will be together and live happily ever after.

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