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What meets the eye..

En typisk amerikansk fortelling, ting er ikke som en tror. Inspirert av tiden jeg bodde i USA.

Skrevet på engelsktentamen 2011 :)

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I couldn’t believe it! It was just crazy. But it had happened, I saw both of them and they were so busted. Justin and Amy together, Amy who had gone around for weeks bragging about how happy she was with her handsome boyfriend, the senior Brad. Then I catch her cheating on him with no other than Justin Cooper. Who is the one and only person Amy’s best friend Heather has had a huge crush on since the 6th grade.


They were not very hard to spot, standing there in the hall with arms wrapped around each other, kissing! And before that he gave her a gift, a beautiful necklace shaped like a heart, and she loved it. They stood there smiling at each other and kissing. Amy’s brown curls shining in the calm, dim light. I was lucky they didn’t see me, who knows what they would have done to protect their secret? I hid behind some lockers watching the whole romantic scene of theirs until it came to a sudden end. The school bell rang and they had one last look at each other before they hurried to whatever class they were supposed to be in. I have some calls to make, people just have to hear about this!


“Hi! Is Jessica home?” “Sure, wait a second.” Jessica’s mum covered the phone with her hand but I could still hear her scream out Jessica’s name so loud that I felt the floor shaking. “Hi!” Jessica’s sweet, high-pitched voice sang into my ear. “You’ll never believe what I’m going to tell you!” I exclaimed smiling. “What, what is it Emma?! Tell me?” I could hear the curiosity overwhelming her. “You sure you want to hear it, it’s really big…” I closed the door to my room and jumped on the bed. “Emma, don’t do this to me! Just tell me everything!” “Fine” I laughted, “but you’ll never believe it.” When I was done telling her, just catching my breath she yelled “No way! Are you serious?! This is crazy…” “I know!” I agreed twinning my blond hair around my finger. “We have to tell the others… more people have to know about this…” “Yeah… but I’m not the one telling Heather! She’ll flip out.” Jesica sounded worried. I nodded to the phone in agreement. “I think I can tell her, but got to go Jess, have to get to it.” “See you later Em” Jessica yawned. “Thanks for telling me, see you tomorrow.” “Yeah, see yha!” I hanged up and hurried to get my computer, thankfully almost everyone was on Facebook. I put my PJ’s on and got myself a can of ice-cold soda from the fridge. I It was going to be a long night.


I told everyone in the whole grade, except Amy and Justin off course. Heather didn’t believe me. Brad didn’t say anything; he just logged off his account. I was tired before going to school but it didn’t matter, I felt like a gossip goddess. I had busted Amy and Justin and it was everyone’s right to know the truth, no matter how painful. After dragging on jeans and my favorite t-shirt I grabbed breakfast and just caught the bus before it left me standing there, lonely on the bus-stop.


When I arrived at school everyone stood in groups whispering together. Jessica came over to me, her long dark hair hanging loose over her shoulders and her brown eyes twinkling in surprise and concern. “Guess what happened Emma!” I went over to fight with my locker; if I won I’d get my books out. “Brad has broken up with Amy!” I turned around to face Jessica. “Really? When?” Jessica looked down at her converse shoes “I think it was this morning,” She lowered her voice, “Amy went home crying”. I shrugged, “It was probably forced, what did she except? Never getting caught?” Jessica shook her head, “I don’t know…” I’d won! My locker opened and I grabbed my books for the first class. Then I saw Heather in the corner coming towards me. Her blue eyes overwhelmed by anger, she was wearing light jeans and shoes with heels to make her even taller. Not that she needed it; she was taller than me already. “You liar!” she almost spit the words in my face. I was taken aback,” me? A liar? You must have mixed up the names Heather, I believe it’s Amy who is the liar here.” She started at me in disgust, “No! I called Amy last night, and she told me it wasn’t true!” I laughed. “Off course she claimed it wasn’t true! Would you ever admit cheating on your boyfriend with the guy your BFF has a crush on? I wouldn’t.” Heather turned pink “You wish! But Justin is so mad at you, probably because he also knows how wrong you are!” she turned on her heels and walked away. I could feel the other’s eyes on me, but that didn’t matter. Heather couldn’t change the facts; she couldn’t make me unsee what I had seen.


During class I found it hard to focus. The History teacher was talking about a man called Harry Houdini who was a master on escape. Apparently he could free himself from all kinds of chains and ropes. People kept staring at me, Justin epically. I felt tied up in people’s stares, it gave me a bad feeling. I could sure use some help escaping them but why were they staring at me and not Justin?? Finally we got a free period, but after a while I wanted to run right back into the classroom. Justin was coming towards me this time; he was way scarier and stronger than Heather. His muscles were all tight, his chocolate brown hair dragged back and he was not smiling like he normally did. Not good. “I see your spreading rumors about me Emma?” he said daringly. “Not rumors Justin, facts. I saw you and Amy kissing, don’t you try to deny it too.” I gave myself credit for how cool that sentence sounded, and then I met his gaze. He raised his eyebrows “Really?” I didn’t like his confidence. “I bet you saw I handed her a present too?” I nodded, looking confident and cool on the outside, freaking out on the inside.


People gathered around, an audience was not going to help me. “Let me tell you something Emma.” He tok one step backwards studying me from top to toe. “I was not kissing Amy! We we’re hugging, the only kiss she got from me was on the cheek” I felt myself shrinking a couple of inches. “But I saw it... And the gift and everything.” Now I sounded like a little gray mouse. He raised his voice in anger, making sure everyone around could hear him. “The gift was for Heather! I just wanted Amy’s opinion on whether Heather would like it or not!” After that sentence came out of his mouth and filled the air I wanted a trapdoor in the floor to open and for me to fall through … But I wasn’t that lucky. Heather on the other hand looked like she was in paradise, shooting bullets at me and heart’s on Justin. I didn’t know what to say… “Oh! I thought, I thought…” Justin finished his little speech of embarrassment. “You were wrong. No you go tell Brad the truth so Amy doesn’t loose him for good. Because if she does it’s all you’re fault!” I shrugged and walked away, so humiliated; everyone would be laughing at me for weeks! But couldn’t hide at home yet, I had to talk to Brad and clean up my mess. I went upstairs with a heavy heart and told him what Justin had said (leaving out the most humiliating parts for my own sake) He looked relieved. Then he looked like he wanted to beat me up. But thankfully he didn’t do that, he just got out his phone and called Amy.


So now I’m the school joke, the stupid girl who spreads fake rumors. I’m despised by everyone (except maybe Jessica) and I’m still red from humiliation. But at least I’ve learned that everything is not what it seams. I have to make sure that I know the truth of a matter and not jump to conclusions, because that obviously didn’t work out very well for me… So to everyone out there, don’t let what meets the eye lead you on wrong paths. Don’t spread fiction, spread facts.



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