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Du er her: Skole > Red tears for a loved one

Red tears for a loved one

Dikt mot vold og rasisme av homoseksuelle forhold.

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A little red tear, came down her cold chin
They were the ones who were bashing her head in
But no one could win,
They would never get her identical twin


She was struggling to the end
With her more than just a friend


She dived into the end
But her girfriend didnʼt mend


She didnʼt live to see; me set free
I wished she lived to see...


That I was facing them again
Only to brake down into pain
But it was material pain,
so there was no gain


The attempt was vain
I could not be sane?


They killed my girlfriend!
They killed my girlfriend!


Iʼm coming up after you,
After tidiyng up


There was no time to deside
They were soon going to hide
Iʼm not going to be the one, who lied
But I clearly was the one, who cried


They tricked me to walk past
When they delivered blast, after blast


They killed my girlfriend!
They killed my girlfriend!


Iʼm coming after them
They will not rest!


I hope they can feel the pain within
When I am bashing there heads in ,
And theyʼre got red tears on their chin
But I will not let them dive in...


They killed my girlfriend
They killed my girlfriend!


Iʼm letting them slowly waste away,
But also letting them slowly enter the highway, to hell


Iʼve strayed away from you, but Iʼm coming in a minute
My blood is now flowing in a river and Iʼd never thought that it was so easy to win it….


Lets live with equall rights! What wrong have they done us?

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