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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part one

Filmanmelding av Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1.

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Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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The wizarding world is slowly falling into chaos. Lord Voldemort, the darkest wizard of all time, is now in control, killing those who oppose him, manipulating those who lusts for power, and slaughtering, those he finds unworthy of living.


Harry Potter is due his seventh year at Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, though he won’t be attending this year. The darkest wizard of all time, Lord Voldemort, has returned, and is trying to take over the world. Harry must defeat Voldemort. But before that, there is a lot he has to do.


The late headmaster of Hogwarts, Albus Dumbledore, left Harry, the chosen one, with a mission: Destroy the horcruxes and kill Lord Voldemort. A horcrux is the object a wizard or witch places a part of their soul in, rendering them near immortal.


Dumbledore also leaves Harry, Ron and Hermione with a snitch, a deluminator, and a book about the Deathly Hallows, respectively. Harry and Ron have no idea why they were left with their objects. They also find it strange that they were left with the story about the Deathly Hallows, which was a children’s fairytale, about three wizards who each had a magical object of grand power. The elder wand, the most powerful wand ever made, the resurrection stone, who was supposed to have the power to bring back the dead, and at last, the invisibility cloak, which never faltered. Why had Dumbledore left them a fairytale?


So, Harry, Ron, and Hermione travel around the countryside, searching for possible places where the horcruxes might be. But will they find them in time? And do the Hallows exist?


Hermione Granger:

Hermione Granger is the only child of two dentists. She is a so-called muggle-born; a witch born with magical powers from non-magical parents. Hermione is a seventeen year old girl who has enrolled Hogwarts for six years. At Hogwarts, she was in the house called Gryffindor. Through these years, she has proven herself to be hard working, clever, rebellious, diligent, sensitive, talented, caring, and a tad bossy. She is always laden with homework, and is the type of person who gets top marks at everything she attends to. She has been friends with Harry and Ron since her first year at Hogwarts, and has been the binding link in the trio, negotiating between Harry and Ron when they’ve had a fit, or helping them out when they’re having academic difficulties.


Hermione is not a girl who cares much about appearances. Long, auburn hair curls down to the middle of her back, framing in a small face, with brown, almond-shaped eyes, a small pointy nose, high cheekbones, black eyebrows and a pair of red, plump lips. She is not exceptionally tall, though she’s quite skinny.


Ron Weasly:

Ron Weasly is the second youngest, in a family of eight, where he has four older brothers, and one younger sister. He lives with the rest of his family in a house called, “The Burrow”. Ron is part of the trio of Hermione, Harry and himself.


Ron is a tall, seventeen year old boy, with red hair, pale skin, and lots of freckles around his nose. These are the typical family traits of the Weasly family. Ron isn’t as hard working as Hermione; he’s more laid back, taking life as it comes. Though laid back, he is no fool, since he normally achieves normal academic results, by stressing and sitting up at midnight when homework is due the next day. Ron has always lived in the shadow of his peers; his brothers are all remarkably good at everything. Even in the friendship he has with Harry, has he been left bitter and envious; as Harry often gets much more attention, both from the ladies and the press. There are many expectations that Ron tries to live up to, though he doesn’t excel in anything special. He’s not afraid to say his opinion on something, though he never is the front figure of anything. His traits have landed him in the house of Gryffindor.


Harry Potter:

Harry Potter, the boy who lived. A strange title, since there are so many that live. The title comes from the encounter that Harry had with Lord Voldemort when he was only an infant. Lord Voldemort tried to kill Harry, unsuccessfully, as his killing curse rebounded.  Hence the title: “The boy who lived”.


Harry is the spitting image of his father, being tall and lanky, with black short hair, which always stands up at the back. He has a rather defined jaw-line, normal cheekbones, and quite pale skin. A trait he has from his mother, are his almond shaped eyes, which are bright and green.


Harry has the same attitude as Ron has towards studying, though he normally achieves higher grades than Ron does. Something he lacks; respect for the rules, both at school and in society. He’s quite rebellious and stubborn, and is not afraid to take a stance to gain righteousness. He is quite emphatic and kind, though easily annoyed by all the focus and extra attention he gets. These traits have placed him in the house called Gryffindor. Harry is a living legend in the wizarding world, being the only person known to have survived the killing curse.


My opinion of the film:

The second last film of Harry Potter is a great film, where splendid music and astounding screenplay, is combined into a well produced narrative. The acting is splendid most places and the well-made special effects, which mimic magic, do not create any trace of surrealism.


However, there are some aspects which lessen the film. There is a never-ending jumping through the storyline, which makes the film feel rushed. There isn’t enough deliberation to tell the actual story. I cannot fathom how someone who hasn’t read the Harry Potter books could even watch this film, without getting thoroughly confused, as there are so many important details that are either left out, or just hastily mentioned.


Altogether, the film is a great addition to the Harry Potter series. In my opinion, it is actually the best film yet created about Harry Potter and his adventures.



At last, a side note: There are used several expressions and words in this film review which were created, and are used exclusively in the Harry Potter series and franchise. A short compilation of these words:


- Wizarding.

- Dark Lord. Title which the Death Eaters use about Lord Voldemort.

- Death Eater, the name, or title, of Voldemort’s followers.

- Hogwarts. School who teaches several types of magic.

- Muggle. Person with no magical powers.

- Gryffindor. One of the four houses of Gryffindor where the pupils live together, categorized by the personal traits. Gryffindor is for the brave hearted.

- Deluminator. An object invented by Albus Dumbledore. Has the power to extinguish and retain light. With one click, the light in the nearest sources around you disappear, with the next click, they once again appear. The deluminator is formed like a lighter.

Snitch. Object that is used in the wizard sport, Quidditch. The game is over, when the golden golf ball-sized snitch, which has wings, is caught.

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