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The Independent

En greker har en livslang klokkefiksering som han omsider kvitter seg med.

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On that moment hung eternity. Time stood still. It was as though the earth had opened and the skies split. Space contracted to a pinpoint. He felt as though he had been privileged to witness the Birth of the World…


His distinctive long, black and curly hair hung down to his shoulders when he entered “Acropolis Restaurant”.

“Hector! Get in here right away! You are late, again.”

Scrutinizing his mind for a proper answer he stated the phrase: “Better late, than never”, with a fake laugh. “No, its not“, yelled Darius. “Now get into the kitchen and start cooking, you sloppy Greek.” Darius was his rigorous boss.


Hector was starting to get tired of everything being dependent on time; everything he did was on a tight schedule. It was like a flight departure, always depending on taking off at the right time.


As he threw a cod into boiling water, he thought about his fixation with watches, he was pondering over the 168 watches he had laying spread around in his apartment. Watches had always interested him, since he was a 5-year-old boy, when he got a Casio watch for his birthday, he couldn’t stop looking at it.


As he stirred the sauce, he thought about escaping from it all and just run. It was an amazing and astonishing thought. Hector was in dreamland. All his life, watches had been his big passion. But now, it was beginning to become his big nemesis.


As Hector walked into his messy apartment, he had still not forgotten about his dream, his big obsession had now switched from watches to freedom. His apartment had almost started to feel like a prison for Hector. He didn´t want to be among traffic, cars and rush. He wanted to be alone at a quiet pond. Hector spent that night with himself, unable to sleep, unable to decide if either he should stay or if he should go.


Next morning he had decided, he could not go on living his life without realizing this dream, in fact, he travelled right away.


He felt peace entering his body and stress escaping as he drove his 1999 Audi A4 out the driveway, he wondered where he would go, maybe his childhood home in New Mexico, perhaps Grand Canyon? His childhood home had been uninhabited for several years, 6, more specific, that was when Hector´s father died and left his large blue house behind. There were 40 kilometres to the nearest grocery store and two kilometres to the highway. He had enjoyed it there, Hector, he loved that it was the birds that woke him up and not his alarm clock. This was where he ended up; a 7-hour drive brought him where he had spent the first 23 years of his life.


He had neither electricity nor water. That was not able to put a stop to the pleasure he was experiencing though. Finally he had achieved his goal. He looked upon the sky, smiling, laughing with a longed feeling of freedom. He lay down in the sand, watching a bird cooling down in the little pond next to his new home. He had forgotten all about watches, ticking and time-schedules. Hector was free.

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