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The road is long


All he could think of was bad, all he could imagine was terrible, everything startled him. He was terrified,,, truly terrified of what the world was saying to him. "The strongest will survive, the weak will die". He had always believed on what his mother told him, "Jesus Christ himself will punish the sinful and take the other ones to a beautiful place in heaven". All he could think of now, why then are the rich people get richer and the poor, even more poor. He would make the world change, everybody should have one leader, they all would have the same wealth, one man would own all the land in the world and everybody would be equal??? But he knew it was going to be tough, but he would make it. He drew up a picture in his mind, it was a long road, but in the end of the road he could see all the people in this world, saluting HIM! Then he saw a sign that said: "The road is long".


BEEP!BEEP! His alarm clock filled the room with awful noises. It was election day and he was excited, excited like a child. He was jovial, this was to be the last day of cashflow, poverty and democratic administration. He would take over the entire US of A and he would make the world a better place! The sign was a little more blurry now, but he could see the letters; "The road is long…"


The crowd was gathering up, it was to be a beautiful day. In the middle of the crowd a little man was jumping the queue, he had a good reason for it too. Because under his spacious jacket he carried a gun. This man was called Harry, he came all the way from San Diego. His friends knew him as the quiet type, a thinker. The brain was capable of thinking the most amazing things, that’s why he was an advisor in the former ex-comm. He fought against communism and dictatorship. He must have been the only man in the country who realized what was happening, there on Capitol Hill. The people were about to send the largest country on the earth into the hands of this mad dictator. He knew his mission here on earth was to take this threat and get him to stay 6 feet deep. But he knew the road is long…


At the same time, the new President entered the platform, the traditional speech was coming up. The President had a fake smile and his psychotic mind almost popped out of his eyes, the time had come, this was his first, last and only chance to take the President out. He was filled with fear and pain, but he asked himself a question; "If you knew back then in 1930, everything about the war that was coming, would you then assassinate Hitler?" He was ready, sweat and tears filled his eyes and forehead, soon his hands would be covered with blood from the President of America. He knew now there was no turning back, the road wasn’t that long anymore!


The President, him! He was thinking this phrase over and over again. He looked at the smiling people. He was sure they would have difficulties in the start, but after a few years with only one power, the common wealth, they would be happy, he smiled, very happy. The advisor told him that it was only 2 minutes left to the speech. He wasn’t afraid, he had prepared his speech all his life. It was finally ready, this was it. The sign was way back in the horizon, now he saw the people of the world, saluting, right in front of him. The road wasn’t that long anymore!


The little man approached the platform in high speed, the gun had moved from his pocket to his hand. He heard screams as the shots went of, the president fell to the ground. Suddenly he felt a pain in his forehead, mission accomplished. He died as a martyr, nobody knew it, besides himself.


The two dying bodies both said one final word….."The road isn’t anymore!!"

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