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The dead summers soul

Oppgåve: Å skrive om spøkelse, gjenferd eller andre overnaturlege hendelsar.

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She sat in the car going to their new house. Thinking about the city, her friends. Her mom wanted to go back to the farm she grew up on after her parents died. It was cute, and she loved to come and visit her grandparents in the summer. But at the same time it was incredibly boring during a long time. And it was in the middle of nowhere. Absolutely noone in the nearby. They drove up the forest road, and she remembered how much she loved to run through the woods to the tarn in the beautiful clearing. Maybe she could adjust to this place after all. They parked the car by the door. The sun was shining and the little house was more beautiful than ever. But it was missing something without her grandparents. Somehow it wasn't the same. She tore her bags out of the car and rushed to her room. She heard her fathers sigh, but couldn't care less. She spent the rest of the day in her room.


She woke up in the middle of the night. She had a chill down her back. She tried to lie still. Not move a muscle. Not make a sound or a breath. Pretending she was dead. The nightmare about the tarn had been so real. She felt someone looking at her. But didn't dare to open her eyes if there really was. It felt like days when her father finally opened her door to bring her down to breakfast. Afterwards her parents went down to the village, half an hour away from their house. She decided to read a bit in her new book. It was The Secret by Rohnda Bynes. She had heard it was really good. She sat down in her grandfathers chair. It was old and worn, but it had the smell of him. She lent back in the chair, but realized she could barely hold her eyes open. So she let them fall.


Suddenly she woke up all shaking. The room was icecold. She heard someone calling her name. Like from a long distance. But her parents wasn't home before a couple of hours. So she shook her body, and went for a blanket. But the sound wouldn't go out go her head. So she turned on the tv.


She went down the woods in the middle of the night. The stars where shining bright. Suddenly she heard the voice calling her name again. But it was closer and clearer now. She sat down at the big tree that her grandfather chopped down when she was six. She looked up at the stars trying to shut the voice out. But she couldn't see the stars anymore. The sky was covered by a dark fog, that only got ticker and ticker. And she could feel the pressure increase as the voice calling her name got loader and loader. She ran as fast as she could through the woods and home to their house. She stopped at the stairs and looked back up to the sky. The fog was gone and the sky was all clear again. She pressed her fingers against the temple. She was really tired. She was going to go to bed early tomorrow. When she closed the door and went up the stairs, it felt like she went through a cold wall. Like it was someone who tried to push her back. Like someone wanted her to go back in the woods. Back to what who was hidden there.


The next day she went back to the woods. And now she was going to the tarn. She stopped for a moment when she reached the clearing. Just to catch her breath. The wet grass gripped her fetes as she went closer to the tarn. It was beautiful as always. But it was something different. The clear water wasn't clear anymore. It wasn't possible to see down into the water. But it wasn't dirty either, it was just black, or dark! She took a step back. Her hands were shaking. Then she pulled herself together and walked down to the waterfront. Then she led her fingertips gently to the surface. She pulled it fast back. That feeling. This wasn't water.Then she put her hole hand in it. The feeling was wonderful. Like her body was filled with an energy she never had had before. She pulled her hand gently out of the water and pressed it against herself. One part of her said she should go out in the water. Let the water embrace her. But the other part told her to run as fast as she could back to their home. But it was something about the water. She took some new steps. And she felt strong about her desition. Then see ran.


She sat in the chair reading her book again. Her mom and dad had gone to visit some friends. Suddenly she saw something by the kitchen. She jumped out of the chair and grabbed a stone who was lying on the table. She walked without a sound into the kitchen. But there was no one there. She went back to her chair. Grabbed her book. She heard a noise, but decided to ignore it. Suddenly something touched her arm. She tried to turn her head but it was impossible. Something held it. But it wasn't a person. She couldn't move an inch of her body. Every muscle was looked. Then she heard a heavily breathing in her ear. "We do not see things as they are, we see things as we are".


She calmly walked down toward the tarn. The rime, who had arrived earlier in the night, got stuck on her feet. She enjoyed the cold flowing up over her legs. She stopped and looked out over the clearing. The tall trees who stretched up against the sky. The forest around was dark and shy. The dark tarn was still and quiet. She could not see an inch into the water. No one knew what was down there. No one except of her. The stars were beautiful tonight. And that was exactly why it had to be done tonight. She gently pulled off her thin night gown and threw it away in the tall grass. Then she stepped gently into the water. The thin ice layer was hard on her skin. The cold from the water felt good against her body. She stepped down with both of her feet. Suddenly, she felt something who gripped her ankles. Then she was dragged further and further into the water, until it embraced all of her in an ocean of secrets.


"Every story has an ending… But in life, every ending is just a new beginning."

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