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Malangen Brygger

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Last year I decided I wanted to visit Norway, I wanted to see fish, boats and big white mountains. I needed a specific place to go too, so I searched around the internet. Then I found «Malangen Brygger», it's a great place in the Northen-Norway.


When I arrived to Bardufoss airport, I drove one and a half hour. Then I arrived the place. The first thing I noticed was the big hotel, standing faced out at the fjord, surrounded by mountains. I decided I wanted to stay in that hotel, though they had alot of great offers.



How I lived during my trip to Norway.


Here is a picture of the hotel. a great outdoor place where you can both eat and relax. You can also rent this hotel for having big or small meetings.


You can also stay in apartmens, cabins, luxury cabins and as the Norwegians call it «rorbuer», wich is like small houses down by the sea.




Here is a pictuer of the «rorbu» wich is down by the sea. It inculdes blankets, pillows, towels with the price. You cannot smoke inside these small houses. The «rorbues» also include wireless internet. You also get high-tech kitchen equipment. I checked out these houses, they also included TV's, but I wouldn't have used them too much – I would rather stay outside and look at the great nature!


Activities in Malagen Brygger

Cruise, Teather course, a house where you can light a fire and relax inside, Jacuzzies, a place where you can look at the Northen Light, Dog sledging, «Møljekrus» is a big boat where you can take a part of the popular fishing of cod in Norway, ice fishing, sea fishing and ski trips is some of the great activities in malagen brygger (see the whole list at under «aktiviteter»).




The captial «A» shows you the exact location of Malangen Brygger. Thanks for reading my article and I hope I gave you a fair picture of how Malagen Brygger is.



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