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Du er her: Skole > Racism - Is it really Nazi?

Racism - Is it really Nazi?

Oppgave om rasisme, som tar for seg ungdommens bruk av ordet "Nazi".

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Very often I hear people saying that the Germans are responsible for two world wars. For me it feels like racism when people without actually knowing the facts are blaming the Germans for being responsible for two wars.


I am not trying to find excuses for the Germans and it is without doubt that the Germans are responsible for the World War II, but I like to put the things straight. Regarding the First World War, it was indirectly initiated by the “Black Hand” which was a terror organization in Serbia.


Let us go back to the months before the Black Hand had completed their operation in Sarajevo. In these months before the first world war had started many countries prepared for war by upgraded their weapons and their armor of their Soldiers. Many countries were also unsure of their situation and were afraid to be dragged in to this war. For this reason they started to make alliance agreements with other nations in Europe. Germany had already made an alliance agreement with Austria-Hungary. From my point of view it looks like Germany was dragged in to this war because of Austria-Hungary. I agree that Germany did upgrade their technical equipment and also their army in the last months before the war, but at that current point, the political situation was so tightened, so that every single political disagreement would have caused a War. That’s why I think that it’s wrong and racistic to say that Germany is guilty for two world wars. What is actually racism? Racism is to think that only one human race is the right and good one. There are many different types of racism and every person is defining racism in another way. For me it’s racism to use the word “Nazi” to a German citizens today, but I will come back to this later. Now I’m going in to the second world war.

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