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Du er her: Skole > Dear mom! Greetings from Australia!

Dear mom! Greetings from Australia!

På skrivedagen valgte jeg oppgaven: Skriv et brev om en reise til Australia.

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The last three weeks have been extraordinary (still one week left though). New history, new culture, new people… It’s like there isn’t enough time to explore everything it is to find in Australia. My view on a lot of things has changed. I dare say that some parts of me, no matter how fractional, have amended.


When I first arrived Australia the weather was brutaly warm (just as a like itJ). I looked forward to plunge into the water and get inconceivable tan. That was the main reason I travelled to Australia in the first place.


I realized after a few days that Australia wasn’t how I thought it would be. For many people it’s just a dangerous and vast country. My opinion is that it’s so much more!


I got some new friends really quick. They decided, since I didn’t seem frightened at all by anything, they would take me to Bondi beach. Everyone has heard of Bondi beach, right? However I plunged into the surf anyway. My new friends were terrified, they hadn’t expected that I would dare to swim and especially not dive. I was under water. My adrenaline was overwhelming, it controlled me somehow. That was then I saw it, a blue ringed octopus. A bell ranged far back in my conscience. That thing was exceedingly lethal. (So, relax mom, I can see it before me, you sitting there on the couch worrying too much. I’m all right, ok? I’m still writing if you hadn’t noticed. J)


After that I didn’t ever bother with Bondi beach again, even though I really did want to see a shark in action (just kidding mom).


I timed my vacation well. I didn’t think of the fact that when it’s turning winter home, it’s summer here. I love summer, but at the same time as Christmas? No, not my kind of thing. Therefore I have to say that I didn’t have the ultimate Christmas feeling while I was shopping presents a couple of days ago. A Christmas without cold is not a Christmas at all for me. In curiosity I asked one of my friends how it is to celebrate every Christmas like they normally do. Guess what he answered?

“Christmas is Christmas no matter whom, how and where you celebrate it/with.” Wise, right?


When I needed a break from everything I tried surfing. It was definitely not my kind of thing. Not at all. Despite how unlucky I could be, I had this gorgeous surfing trainer with golden hair and hazelnut colored eyes. He breezed over all the lectures and overestimated my skills. I had just gotten atop of my surfing board when I looked right into his bright eyes, and my knees suddenly melted. I had this moment you now, and because I wasn’t paying attention a wave crushed me. I woke up with him, Peter I think his name was, on top of me. He had rescued me. I had almost drowned (I’m still writing, ok?). Speechless and slightly embarrassed I thanked him, and haven’t seen him since.


A couple of days ago, I think it was Monday, I was with my friends. We were sun-bathing and frolicking at a not so dangerous beach when I suddenly saw one of them. One of Aboriginal heritage. He walked with grace and pride all covered up in his face. Who is that? I managed to say. My friends was shocked, no something beyond shocked. They actually carried me to the store and bought a movie to me.


“Rabbit-proof fence”. Hadn’t heard of it. Never. Therefore I was a bit shameful when I had seen it. I had no words. You just have to see it.


My vacation changed. I was drawn to the history. I just had to uncover a little more of the incredible history of Australia and their indigenous people; the Aborigines.


(You might think I’m sick or so. I’m not. I’m healthier than ever.)


Did you know that the Europeans discovered the continent in 1601, but didn’t really care until 1770? That was when Captain James Cook arrived Botany Bay with his doughy little ship Endeavor. After that the British used Australia as a prison for the next hundred years. Rather formidable, right? And the worst part is some estimates claim that 90% of the Aborigines died! What? So in 1901 they all thought it would turn out better, but then they came up with the silly idea; “Stolen generation” OMG! What the hell where they thinking? Did they realize that they had Racism and Nazism before Hitler’s time?


The Aborigines was treated much in the same ways as the Indians. You see my point?


Because of my great devotion to this topic I decided that I wanted to meet Doris Pilkington in person. She hasn’t had the time to see me yet. She is old and fragile, and no matter how much I want to meet her and see the story with her eyes, it may not be the best thing to do. I can say that I tried, not many people have.


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Vi setter veldig stor pris på om dere gir en tekst til denne siden, uansett sjanger eller språk. Alt fra større prosjekter til små tekster. Bare slik kan skolesiden bli bedre!

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