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Alone in the world

Handler om en jente uten venner, som ikke har det godt på skolen fordi hun er så forskjellig fra alle andre.

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Hannah stood by the window. In her arms she held a little baby girl. It was her baby. And she was so proud. She named the baby Roxanne after her own grandmother. And from that moment she knew that her daughter was special.


15 years later.


“Roxy? You’re late for school!” Hannah yelled. “I’m coming!” Roxanne said when she ran down the stairs. She was dressed up in a black skirt and a pink top. Her hair was black and short. So short that if you saw her from behind you would probably think that she was a boy. She put on her white sneakers and her black coat. “Bye mom! See you later!” “Bye honey. Have a nice day!” her mother said to her when she closed the door.


Roxanne had grown up in New York with her mother. They lived in a tiny apartment I Harlem. She was the only white girl at a black school. She didn’t have many friends. Actually she had only one friend. Jasper. Jasper lived everywhere. He lived exactly where he wanted to.


“Roxanne Smith? Why aren’t you writing?” Mrs. Collin asked and stared at Roxanne. “Because I don’t need to. I’ll just tell Jasper everything that I’ve learned when I come home, and then he will write it down for me.” She answered very pleased. Everyone laughed. Even Mrs. Collin began laughing. And one of the boys said: “Hey guys! It looks like “he” are starting to cry! Little baby boy.” And the others laughed even more. Roxanne felt so little. You could almost see that she shrunk. Everyone was huge as mountains, and she was just a little ant. It was so unfair! Why didn’t anyone stop them? Why was everyone so mean?


When she came home she ran directly up to her room. She sat down on her bed and told Jasper everything about the day. When she told about how mean they had been to her, including her teacher, she sobbed and a tear fell down her cheek.


Around two hours later her mother came into her room. “NO! Jasper, stay! Don’t leave me!” Roxanne screamed and started to cry. “Seriously Roxy! Calm down! I thought you were done talking with your fantasy friend. You told the psychologist that you had stopped!” her mother said totally freaked out. “I couldn’t. He is my only friend!” she said and cried. Her mother hugged her and told her that it all was going to be fine. When she held around her daughter she suddenly felt some hot liquid flew down Roxanne’s arm. She took a step backwards and watched her daughter’s wrist. She put her hand in front of her mouth and started to cry. “Oh my God. Oh my God, Roxy! What’s happening with you?!” she cried out. She fell down to her knees and cried like a little girl. “I’m so sorry mom. It has just been so much to handle with school and everything. It was the only way to get rid of all the pain!” Roxanne answered her mother.

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