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Denne krimhistorien er skrevet på 15 minutter og inkluderer drap og en løsning.

Skrevet i 10. klasse.

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It was a dark night and late into the night. It was pretty foggy and gray outside. Street lights were already on at 0630 pm. Gabriela went to her friend Susan to do English homework. Usually she goes down the long way through the school, but today she decided to take the quick way from her house and through the woods. As she had gone some distance she saw a man with a long black coat that brought a car inside the forest, inside the car sat a woman with long white hair. She was wearing a pad in front of her eyes and her mouth was stuffed with paper.


Gabriela was curious and wanted to know what would happen, so she hided behind a tree and looked at the man. The man opened the back door of the car slowly, out of it came a big dog that looked very hungry. The man released the dog after a few seconds and the dog attacked the lady who stood beside. Gabriela was completely shocked. She did not know what she should do. She began to tremble in the body, it was indescribable. She felt blood taste in her mouth and she began to sweat on the forehead.


Susan wondered why it took so long time for Gabriela to come. So she picked up the phone and called Gabriela, unfortunately she had her mobile phone on sound. The man turned and looked who it was. Gabriela turned and started running down the road back, but right in front of her it was a small trap, and she fell in. The man with the dog came running toward her. The dog jumped down into the trap.


The day after the forest was full of policemen, journalists, photographers and close people of Gabriela. It had been two murders in one place, but why?


Private detective John Wales came from England and was a very capable detective. He searched for clues in the woods, and found the mobile phone to Gabriela, where he saw who she had called last, and who had called her last. Susan was on the list so he wanted to talk with Susan. Susan told him what happened, and that she didn’t know anything.


The question was why both were killed at once, and if they had anything in common?


John took Gabriela’s mobile to his house to see if he could find out anything more. He went through all the cell phone as he went through the videos he saw a video that was taken on 08.02.2000 at 0616 pm, the day the two girls were killed.


He looked carefully at the video, but it was a bit unclear. John saw the video tapes eight times and the 9th time he noticed everything. He saw who the man was, it was Peter Niles. It was quite normal for Peter to kill people because he was mentally disturbed. He had escaped from the mental prison two months ago. John knew where he could find Peter, he'll probably be back his old school that was right next to the murder site.


The parents of Gabriela were full of grief, since she was an only child, and Susan had a huge guilt that she invited over Gabriela, but what could she do. The reason for why he killed that lady was because she was beautiful so he wanted to rape her and then kill her. That is what called fate.

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