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The Fate Of Many Jews During World War II

Tekst om jødeforfølgelsen under 2. verdenskrig.

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January 30th, 1939, World War II has begun.


Jews were put in ghettos in big cities throughout Europe. Surrounded by high brick walls. At first, they had to remain within the walls most of the time, but they were allowed to go to work as usual. After a while, this too was prohibited. They became trapped within the walls, unable to work, unable to escape. Eventually food shortages became a huge problem and they started to die of hunger.


One of the largest ghettos was located in Warsaw, the capital of Poland. At one point in time there were more than 450 000 Jews there. The Warsaw ghetto was called ’’the last stop before death’’, a precise description of the place since the inhabitants were waiting to be sent to concentration camps. Those who died of starvation in the ghettos were considered being lucky -at least they escaped the awaiting horrors of the concentrations camps!


Eventually, the Jews in Warsaw were sent to the concentration camps, places built for only one goal: Exterminate as many prisoners as possible.

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