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"Stargirl" by Jerry Spinelli

A book report about "Stargirl".

Skrevet i 9. klasse.

Anmeldelse (bok, film...)
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1. Author of the book: Jerry Spinelli.
The book title is published by: Dell Laurel-Leaf an imprint of Random House Children’s books, a division of Random house, Inc. New York.
Year of first print: 2000



2. I think the genre is a roman, because it’s lot about love and that Stargirl and Leo fall in love. I think it is a classic because it’s very many other that use this theme that they fall in love but they cannot have each other.

3. The author of the book is Jerry Spinelli. He was born February 1. 1941 and is 68 years old now.  He was born in Montgomery County of Norristown, Pennsylvania. He loved all sports, but instead of become a Major League Baseball player he decided to write books. He has written one notable book named Maniac Magee.


4. Main characters: Leo, Stargirl, Archie, Senor Saguaro, Kevin, Hillary Kimble and Wayne Parr.


Leo was the boy that fell in love with Stargirl almost from the beginning. He was in the Hot Seat (a program that they had on the school Mica High). And he was the only one that gave Stargirl a chance. Leo was a nice boy that wanted to know Stargirl even if she was the strangest girl in school.


Stargirl Caraway the strange girl that started on Mica High, she didn’t use any makeup and from the first day she played her ukulele (a small guitar) in the lunch room. And when someone at school had birthday, she song them a birthday song. Stargirl Caraway was not like every else at Mica High, she was just really special. She also started to cheer for the other team when she was a cheerleader for a basketball match. And therefore everyone started hated her.


Archie Hapwood Brubaker is an old man that was a paleontologist. Every Saturday he had teenagers coming over to his house to learn stuff from him. He was a teacher at a university in the east until he was 67 years. In Archie’s garden there stood a cactus named Senor Saguaro.


Senor Saguaro was not a person but a cactus that stood in Archie’s garden. Senor Saguaro was thirty-foot tall. It looked like one of Senor Saguaro’s hands was waving goodbye. Senor Saguaro was brown and had tick leathery skin on his body.


Kevin was Leo’s best friend. Kevin was really into that Leo should sign Stargirl up in The Hot Seat. Kevin also thought that Stargirl was very strange (like everybody else), but he didn’t tell Leo so much what he thought about her, because I think Kevin knew inside himself that Leo kind of liked Stargirl.


Hillary Kimble the girl that didn’t like Stargirl at all, she tough she was strange and when Hillary had birthday she almost bagged Stargirl not to sing to her. Hillary was also on the cheering team that cheered when it was basketball matches.


Wayne Parr the perfect boy that had everything. Perfect teeth, hair and a model look. Hillary Kimble was the girlfriend to Wayne. Wayne was good to do nothing. He didn’t do anything special, and just did what he supposed to do. He also had been recruited for The Hot Seat.

5.  The book is about Stargirl Caraway that starts on the school Mica High. From the minute she walked in the door the students starts talking about her, and someone already starts talking bad about her. One boy that didn’t talked bad about her was Leo, he thought she was strange from the minute she walked in but something was interesting about her also. Stargirl didn’t wear makeup and had very special cloths.


6. I thought that it was a difficult book to read and many word and expedition that I didn’t understand a thing of, and some chapters I just had to almost guess what happened because I didn’t understand. Therefore I tried to write a good and long logbook right after I had read. Personal I think the book would have been better if they don’t have written so much about Archie and Senor Saguaro because I think that they became very confusing. But at the same time I didn’t like the book, I liked it because when it was chapter that wasn’t hard to read it was fine and some places it was a bit interesting. I don’t think I would advise the book to someone who not read English books a lot, because it’s hard to read.

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