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George Michael

Engelsk prosjekt om George Michael

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[ By Daniel André Skogheim, September - December 2000 ]


This is my project about George Michael. The reason I picked him as my topic is that I’ve done a miniature project before, with him as topic, and I wanted to do that again, only in a larger scale. So, after some weeks of this and that, I decided this would be my topic.

I haven’t focused on single questions in this task; it’s more like a facts-in-a-row project, where I start telling about his life, his group career, and finally his life as a solo artist. The reason I wrote much of the project as a list of facts, is that most of the information I found, is written that way, and it would be too challenging, and time-consuming if I should gather all the information, and then write it as one large text.

At the end, however, there is a short - or maybe not so short - list of as many of his albums and singles as I’ve come up with.

I’ve also thought about putting some music samples in the text, but since it is to be printed, I guess that won’t work.

Finally, there is a lyrics-list, and a list of sources and places I’ve been to or looked at, while gathering information.

-Daniel André

- Front-page (title page)
- Introduction
- Personal facts about George Michael
- Short about ...
- A Résumé [1963 - 2000]
- Album list
- Literature list
- Personal facts about George Michael

Name and birth
Real name: Georgios Kyriacos Panayiotou
Date of birth: June 25th 1963
Place of birth: Finchley, London

Father: Kyriacos Panayiotou
Mother: Lesley Angold Harisson
Siblings: Yioda and Melanie

Other facts
Height: 5.9 ft / 1.82 m
Eyes: Amber brown
Hair: Dark brown (some grey)
Other: He is left handed
He is also partially red-green colour blind
He wears contact lenses

Short about George’s father
George’s father is Kyriacos Panayiotou, but he calls himself Jack Panos. He comes from the Greek part of Cyprus, but moved to London in 1952. Kyriacos started out as a waiter, and worked himself up to owning his own restaurant in Edgeware - Mr. Jacks. He is now retired, and owns a stud farm outside London.

Short about George’s mother
George’s mother - Lesley Angold Harrison - was English. After she and George’s father got married, she took Panayiotou as her surname. Since Kyriacos spent most of his time working, building a good life for their family, Lesley raised their children practically by herself. Mrs. Panayiotiu helped out with the Wham! Fanclub in the beginning, but gave up as it grew beyond her imaginations. Lesley Angold Panayiotou passed away on February 17th 1997. George often says that his mother had great influence on him, and that he is so much like her, in character as well as fysically. George once said he was ’like his mother with a beard."

Short about George’s siblings
George has got two older sisters. One is called Yioda and the other Melanie. Yioda is the oldest one. Neither of them is married or has children, and they are both alive.

Short about George’s dogs
George has got two dogs - Hippy and Huggy - whereas Hippy is the most famous one. Hippy is a female yellow labrador, and she lives with George in London. The other dog - Huggy - lives in Los Angeles, and noone seems to be quite sure about what kind of dog it is.

Short about George’s nicknames
George has several nicknames. The most common one - Yog - is used most by family and friends. Another one - TLTI - is used only as a tease, by friends like Andrew Ridgeley and David Austin. Knobby is a nickname he’s got too, a nickname which he doesn’t feel necessary to explain. In the press, nicknames like The Greek and The Bubble are used.


1986 WHAM! - The Final
1990 Listen without Prejudice
1993 Five Live
1996 OLDER


Some of the "Facts …" p. 04
All the information in "Short About …" p. 05
Some lyrics
The material from this page is copyrighted, and used with permission.

"At The Edge Of Heaven"
The album- and singles-list is taken from their "The music"-page.

"English Project"
[Daniel’s English Project about George Michael - 1997]:
Some of the information in "A résumé…", and some of the information in "Facts…" are partially re-written information, taken from "Daniel’s English Project about George Michael - 1997".

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