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"Jane Eyre" by Charlotte Brontë

About the book 'Jane Eyre' by Charlotte Brontë.

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Jane Eyre



Jane Eyre is a classic love novel, written in the 18th century by Charlotte Brontë. The book was first released in London 1847, by Smith, Elders & co, under the pseudonym; Currer Bell. The book became so popular, that the book was released in New York the same year.


The story starts in Gateshead, England, the orphan Jane is ten years old. She lives unhappily with her abusive relatives, The Reed family. All the time, Jane is reminded of her low rank in the family. One day, her bullying cousin John, attacks her, and she confronts him. Jane is punished by Mrs. Reed, by being sent to the “red-room” which Jane connects with the death of her uncle. She is convinced that her uncle`s ghost appears, and Jane faints. As a result, Mr. Lloyd takes the decision, and sends Jane to a school, Lowood School, which is more than fifty miles away from Gateshead.


While at Lowood, Jane befriends Helen Burns, who becomes her first real friend. However, during the spring, an outbreak of typhus reaches the school, and Helen dies. Because of the high number of deaths in the school, it`s getting investigated, and it`s soon to be revealed that Mr. Brocklehurst (The schools headmaster) has been using the schools money to give benefit to his own lifestyle, instead of improving the conditions of Lowood.


Jane survives the typhus outbreak, and years later, she makes her living by staying at Lowood, as a teacher. Despite the security at Lowood, Jane is bored, and yearns for new adventures. She accepts an invitation to work as a governess at Thornfield Hall, responsible for teaching the little French girl Adéle English. After a while at Thornfield Hall, Jane falls in love with her employer; Edward Rochester, though she doesn`t tell anyone. Her love is dramatic, and hard to hide, but Jane is keeping the secret. She is very jealous at Blanche Ingram, who Jane believes will marry Rochester. Despite Jane`s suspicion, when she tells Rochester about her feelings, Rochester tells her that he loves her as well. He proposes, and they prepare to marry.


However, during the wedding, a man named Mr. Mason yells out that Rochester already has a wife, and he can’t marry another woman. Rochester confirms what Mr. Mason said, and he has to show Jane his first wife. Her name is Bertha; she lives in the attic at Thornfield Hall. She is insane, and has already tried to burn down the house once.


Jane leaves Thornfield Hall with great sorrow, grieving for the unlucky happenings. She has nowhere to stay, and is surviving by traveling the streets, begging for food and a place to sleep. Luckily, the Rivers siblings (St. John, Diana and Mary) take care of her, as they find Jane in the streets. Jane becomes close friends with the family, and quickly develops a near friendship, especially with the girls. St. John finds her a job as a teacher in a school in Morton, and she enjoys staying with the Rivers family. One day, St. John approaches by telling Jane that she has inherited 20,000 £ after her dead uncle, John Eyre. However, that`s not what makes Jane happy. She is also told that Mary, St. John and Diana are her cousins. These are great news for Jane, and she decides to split the money into four pieces, because she claims that is fair, even though John Eyre actually left the money for her.


After a time, St. John is going on a missionary work in India, and repeatedly asks Jane to accompany him as his wife. Jane refuses, and soon leaves, because she wants to see Thornfield Hall again, and Mr. Rochester. When she finally arrives at Thornfield Hall, she sees a ruin, destroyed by flames. A shepherd tells her what has happened, that Thornfield Hall was burned down by Rochester`s own wife, and that she had died herself during the fire. She is also told that Rochester lost a hand, and his eyesight while trying to rescue the servants, and that he lives in a residence near Ferndean. Jane travels to Ferndean, and sees Rochester as she expected. Blind and one-handed, he is excited about meeting her again, and they agree to live together after the terrible accident. After ten years they have a son, and Rochester is regaining his sight on one eye. Then they live happy together, forever and ever.


In my opinion, the book Jane Eyre is very well written, and a masterpiece. It`s content and story is entertaining, but also the passion and love Brontë is writing with, makes the book unforgettable.


I recommend the book to every reader in the world.

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