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Du er her: Skole > Why be so stereotype?

Why be so stereotype?

Denne handler om det å være stereotyp, satt ganske på spissen, men, det var tentamen, og hva annet skulle jeg gjøre?

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Sheep. Endless fields of sheep. They follow each other, following the leader. Even black sheep has become stereotypical. They think they don’t fit in the crowd of white, ordinary sheep, but a black sheep is still a sheep. The sheep are not individuals, but rather units. Some of them say they are special, but since they are all units, everyone is special. And if everyone is special, no one is special.


Stereotypes. This is what these sheep are. And I don’t like this carpet of wool, strangling everything that is different, because if you are different, you can make a difference. You can burn the carpet down.


People are not completely similar. If we were similar, it wouldn’t be anything called man or woman. No gay or straight, no tall or small, no rich or poor, no cool or daft. People have different lives and stories that have changed them, and we are also different biologically. But it is easier for example for the government to rule if everyone were similar. As seen in Harald Eia’s program “Brainwash”, the sex researchers said that men and women are completely alike mentally. Is this statement probably manipulated a little by the government? Does the government need proof for that their ideology is right, or are they just “faking it”? I find it funny how it may have been Harald Eia’s intention to put the government AND the sex researchers’ results on the edge. The title supports my assumption, if you catch my drift.


I think of the “Golden middle”-ideology, where people are not being pushed to be similar, and not going wild and egoistic. But I guess that is quite impossible, at least as I see it now.


If you just go with the flow all the time you will not develop as an individual, nor do anything special for the rest of the world. Jesus, for example, wasn’t liked by very many of the Jews, and Jeanne d’Arc wasn’t liked too well either. Nelson Mandela went against apartheid, and was put in jail several times. These figures fought for what they stood for, and did not care of what the “stereotypes” said they must or must not do. Most great figures that have made a difference in the world have burned the carpet of wool and has went against the flow. Like I said earlier, be different and make a difference.


The last thing I am going to gab about is that you need to be yourself. Don’t let others let you down, don’t necessarily do what everyone else does all the time, and don’t be angry on them attacking you because you are different. In many cases they are just afraid, or you are a douche. Hopefully not the last.

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